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CoSA’s DigiArts Conservatory Unveils “Monster Madness” Horror Nights

Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) students have been preparing for this year’s Horror Nights since the first weeks of school. The culmination of student work from all digital arts conservatories created a scarily good showcase for the audience.

CoSA’s Horror Nights was held on the evenings of October 25 and 26 in the Coronado High School quad. This year’s event centered around a “Monster Madness” theme. Students took inspiration from classic horror and monsters in their art.

When guests first entered the outdoor quad, they were met with panels covered with the horrifying headshots of CoSA participants made by the graphic design conservatory. Each headshot was unique with scales covering students eyes and realistic fangs replacing the pearly whites of graphic design students.

Video content from the animation and filmmaking conservatories was projected on a big screen. Some guests opted to bring blankets to sit on; the event had a casual and comfortable viewing experience vibe.

Starting off the reel were the animation students’ scary shorts with humorous plots and detailed sketches

As always, the filmmaking students created short horror films. CoSA Level Four Film student Hayden Ellinger shared, “I love getting to see everyone’s work from the entire year.”

When asked about his film’s production process, Ellinger says they started “basically the first week back to school,” with partners Baxter Simpson and Troy Martin, they wrote the script, filmed in the Julian wilderness, and edited recordings.

First time “Horror Nights” creator and Level 1 Film student Lily Kirk-Rassi says, “Since I’ve never really been in a film program before, we got to learn everything and I was really excited.”

Rassi continues, “It was kind of hard at first because I had someone who cancelled [on acting] last minute. So I found that getting all that together was actually a hard process. But, in the end, I think it was really good and being able to see the finished project makes me feel proud about it”.

She plans on studying film to reach her career goal of being a screenwriter or director after graduating from Coronado High.

The game design students had their creepy creations set up on a table for guests to play with. Game posters were designed and on display next to their respective game. 

Horror Nights is a beloved tradition many Islanders enjoy attending year after year. By supporting CoSA students, one is also supporting the future directors, artists, and designers of the world.

For more Coronado School of the Arts events, visit the CoSA website or social media presence (@cosasdofficial on Instagram).


Maria Laguna
Maria Laguna
Maria Laguna is student at Coronado High School and has lived in San Diego her whole life. She is an officer to numerous clubs on campus, including: Feminist Club, Creative Writing Club, and Activism Book Club. Maria is also very involved with community service. Her passions include fashion, reading, writing, and travel. She shows her love of literature by being a Coronado Public Library volunteer in her free time and working on her own novella. She has always loved doing activities that let her express herself creatively. Maria plans to study fashion and writing after graduating from Coronado High in 2024. Have a story for The Coronado Times to cover? Send news tips or story ideas to: [email protected]

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