Sunday, February 25, 2024

EF Academy Pasadena Begins Second Year

This week, EF Academy Pasadena is thrilled to begin its second year!

EF Academy is a private day and boarding high school in Pasadena, California, committed to empowering high school students to become confident, resilient, and responsible global citizens.

The school’s mission is to help students become successful—and happy. EF Academy uses a competency-based and project-based learning curriculum, as well as a holistic educational approach to ensure that students are learning by doing, solving real-world problems related to the subject being studied, and discovering their true potential while prioritizing their well-being.

As EF Academy reflects on its inaugural year, the school is proud of the community and the holistic curriculum the faculty and staff have built. Its founding student body had over 12 students from 29 different countries, bringing global perspectives to all aspects of academics and student life on campus.

Though the campus is proud of the first year, EF Academy looks forward to growing academic departments, athletics, club and extracurricular programming, and the community in its second year.

This year EF Academy has added faculty across academic departments and increased course offerings of both regular and advanced placement for students to choose from. The new class schedule being introduced on campus this year will also allow faculty to create new curriculum around project-based learning and field study. Students will have the opportunity to put hands-on learning to the test.

In the first year as EF Academy Pasadena, students participated in intramural sports and eagerly awaited as they applied to be part of a competitive league. This year the campus has been included in CIF. For its inaugural year of interscholastic athletics, sports will be offered across three seasons for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The campus ensures that students have a balance between developing their passions inside and outside of the classroom. New offerings will include a robotics team, a media studio for students to learn about podcasting and film, and a growing performing arts program where students can participate in a fall play and a spring musical. In addition to these new programs, students will have the option to choose from over 15 clubs each trimester and participate in leadership opportunities such as Student Council, Student Ambassadors, and University Engagement Ambassadors.

EF Academy Pasadena offers a diverse high school education in a global community of leaders. The programs and one-to-one guidance equip students with the tools and skills to lead bright, impactful futures.

The Head of School, campus staff, and team of educators have worked to create EF Academy 2.0 to reach new heights this fall. In the next iteration, the school looks forward to building off of last year’s successes and EF’s guiding principles: global community, learning by doing, and personalized pathways.


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