Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Boys Basketball Make it Seven in a Row With Wins Over High Tech High and Tri-City Christian

The Islander boys varsity basketball team is on fire. Not literally, but after their 70-53 win over High Tech High and 80-35 victory over Tri-City Christian, the boys’ winning streak extended to seven consecutive games. 

12/16: Islanders Quell the Storm

December 16th’s home game against High Tech High San Diego Storm started off close; the Islanders led by just three points after the first period 17-14. It was only in the third period when the Islanders would turn it up a notch and sink a couple three-pointers to extend their lead to seven points 53-46. 

Perhaps the opposing team tired out, or perhaps the Islanders just turned up the heat, because the boys would end with a 17 point lead and end the game 70-53. 

Senior Justin Ayubi outjumps High Tech High’s center during the opening tip-off.

The defense led the way. Using a full court press, the Islanders battled for the ball every inch of the court, making it nearly impossible for the Strom to make passes or attempt shots. Turnovers by the Storm created easy baskets for Coronado. 

“We played as a team, helped and rotated well, and we got a lot of deflections,” Coach Anthony Ott shared. “Once we forced a turnover, we did an exceptional job and looked up the floor and got easy buckets.”

Junior Ben Lee was the leading scorer of the night with 20 points, six assists, and two steals. Senior Nolan Reuter was up to his usual standard as he collected 18 points, six rebounds, five assists, and one steal. 

Senior Nolan Reuter was up to his usual standard as he collected 18 points, six rebounds, five assists, and one steal.

Coach Ott believes that with every victory comes room for improvement. “We need to continue to evolve on defense. I would like us to limit our turnovers and turn down a good shot for a great shot,” Coach Ott explained.

This win would boost the Islanders’ winning streak to six games and provide a base for which even more training and practice would build upon. 

12/17: Islanders Clip the Eagles

December 17th’s home game against Tri-City Christian would be an absolute blowout for the Islanders as they would pin a 45-point defeat over the Eagles, the largest margin of victory of the season thus far. 

Right from the get-go the home crowd could sense it was going to be a big night for the Islanders. The boys led 18-4 after the first period, and you could tell they were just getting started. 

At the half, the Islanders had a 25-point lead of 47-22, and both their offense and defense were a long way away from running out of steam. In fact, the first half was just the spark that ignited a full-blown fire that consumed the hapless and overmatched Eagles.

By the third period the boys would lead by 40 points. That’s right, a 40 point lead. By the end of the game you almost felt sorry for Tri-City Christian as the Islanders never took their foot off the gas and pummeled them in the 80-35 victory.

Freshman Mateo Villanueva defends the Islander side of the court.

Reflecting on all the success from this season so far, Coach Ott shared, “We have an opportunity to win five more championships: two Christmas tournaments, Eastern League, San Diego CIF, and State CIF. If we continue to improve on a daily basis, we are capable of winning all five. As long as we stay focused on the journey and not the destination, improvements will be made. I am happy, but never satisfied with the direction the program is going.”

The Islanders coasted to a victory over Monte Vista on December 19 by a score of 71-44. The Islanders also defeated Mount Miguel on December 20 by a score of 69-62.

The next home game is scheduled for Friday, January 6, against University City High School at 7:30 PM. 

Bella Villarin
Bella Villarin
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