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Girls Varsity Soccer Beats Francis Parker 3-1


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On Wednesday, November 30, the Coronado Islanders girls varsity soccer team took on Francis Parker at home in their first official game of the season. From the first whistle to the last, the Islanders fought hard every minute of the game and were rewarded with the 3-1 win.

Junior Josie Jenkins

It was an intense defensive battle. Francis Parker was essentially a brick wall for a majority of the game, but Josie Jenkins came in like a wrecking ball and helped take them down by scoring two of the three goals.

Close and competitive throughout the game, there was good flow on both sides of the ball, intercepting passes, and executing great moves to make the defense lose their footing.

First Half
Senior Emily Kuite

Move after move, and pass after pass, tension was building waiting for either team to score. The Islanders would end up putting one on the board first after some great ball movement. They split through Parker’s defense and with a great pass from Emily Kuite, Jenkins was able to use her speed to get a breakaway on the left side of the field. Getting space from the defenders and shooting from far out with her left foot, the ball sailed above Francis Parker’s goalie and went straight into the net.

That would be the only goal of the first half, giving the Islanders the lead and momentum going into halftime.

Second Half

After the halftime break, the Islander girls were energized and ready for action. Francis Parker on the other hand must have had some sort of miscommunication because the next goal scored against them was by themselves. They shot themselves in the foot and scored an own goal. This put the Islanders up 2-0.

Francis Parker was later able to put a point on the board after the Islanders penalized one of their players. She earned a free kick from far out and kicked it high and fast into the goal, leaving the Islanders only up by one.

The Islanders did not let up. To help seal the victory and put a win on the record, Jenkins would come in again with an amazing play. A phenomenal throw in by Lindsey Balsley placed the ball right in front of the goal for Josie to come speeding over and header it in, scoring yet again.

Junior Lindsey Balsley

With a score of 3-1, Francis Parker was not able to come back, and the Islanders started off their season with the win.

It was an exciting game and awesome to watch. There are over two months of games this season, so plenty of opportunities to come out to support the team with Islander spirit. The next home game is December 7 at 6pm vs. Patrick Henry.


Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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