Thursday, September 29, 2022

Nicole Boucher Announces Candidacy for 2022 CUSD School Board

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Submitted by Nicole Boucher


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nicole Boucher and I’m running for Coronado Unified School District to offer a new and different perspective.

I am a registered nurse, a Christian and a patriot. I am a family advocate, a very determined and goal-oriented person. I hold multiple degrees I’ve lived on the East and West Coasts and in Europe. I appreciate an individual’s differences and thrive among diverse cultures.

I am standing up for the parents, the students and the community at large to assure that their voices will be heard. I believe in parent’s rights to decide how they want to raise their child(ren). It’s not about me, I am here to serve, I am here to listen.

There are many untruths that have not been told regarding the Covid story. I will pray that all who wish to learn will find the real science. I stand up for the children to protect them from any mandates. It is unethical to force a child to wear masks and to be forced to take experimental therapies without full disclosure and parental consent.

I think sometimes we can lose our way with looking for the latest technology, the latest trend, etc.

If we could hold onto the values that have made this country great: time with family, honoring the service men and women, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, etc. I speak from my heart when I say, if you are looking for a change, a new view on where this country is going, including our educational system, I am your gal.

I am a bit controversial and don’t think just inside the box. I am looking for truth in medicine, truth in our educational systems and strive for a better tomorrow.

Vote Nicole for CUSD

Nicole Boucher

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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