Friday, September 29, 2023

Palm Weevils Require City to Cut Down Two Palms

The City cut down two palms this past week due to the South American Palm Weevil. The weevil is a species of snout beetle that, according to the University of California’s Agricultural & Natural Resources division, has killed hundreds of Canary Island Date Palms in San Diego since it was first detected in March 2016.

Image: City of Coronado

The beetle measure about 1½ inches long but it can be difficult to detect until a palm is already infested. There are signs to look for such as yellow foliage, flattening of the crown, holes and tunnels, and pupal cases on the ground.

One palm was removed from Alameda Boulevard earlier this week and one was removed at Mathewson Park on Thursday, July 7, after the City’s arborist confirmed they were infested. Removing infested palms helps delay the spread of the pest.

Arborists say if residents have Canary Island Date Palms, they should have them inspected and treated.



City of Coronado
City of Coronado
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