Thursday, September 28, 2023

FOCUS Annual Rummage Sale and Upcoming Events

Forrest Gump famously stated that life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you will get. Rummage sales are similar. You never know what will be donated and you never know what will be quickly scooped up. This year’s FOCUS rummage sale on Saturday, June 11 was no different.

Many early birds were already lined up when the doors opened at 8 am Saturday morning in the Coronado Cays HOA Meeting Room. The first gentleman in rushed to the kitchen utensils area, grabbed a big box and collected every pot, pan, lid and utensil he could find. Other bargain hunters took their time, so carefully inspecting items arranged on the long tables. It is always fun to see the look of delight as folks found just what they didn’t know they were looking for. Especially those Japanese antique objects. Special delight at the very reasonable prices. Those with growing families found complete sets of beautiful china and serving pieces.

FOCUS Rummage sales are also insights into societal changes. Books were at one time always plentiful. More and more folks are e-reading online, so not as many hard and paperback books were donated as in past years. After the Covid 19 quarantine and lockdowns of 2019-2020, people realized they had a plethora of objects they could easily live without. Donations were bountiful! Closets, cabinets (attics?) and garages were emptied of all sorts of exercise equipment, tools, toys, tchotchkes and pots and pans!

We hope the current transition to electric bicycles will see FOCUS receive a nice collection of all sizes of bicycles next year. If you are refurbishing your homes, tuck away those gently used linens for donation. The partner agencies, (homeless, children and families in need) greatly appreciate the bedding and towels FOCUS provides.

The Coronado Fourth of July Parade will find FOCUS members and supporters marching with colorful banners highlighting FOCUS partner charities. Wave and grab a membership form so you too can join FOCUS! Later this summer members will be participating in the The Backpack Project – stuffing new backpacks with all necessary school supplies for children in need is a very rewarding endeavor.

Please check out our website, to learn more about FOCUS, watch our informative video, donate and join.

Pat Robitaille, President
Denise Donato-McConnell, Exec VP
Sharyn Blongiewicz, VP Projects
Carin Cross, VP Projects


Managing Editor
Managing Editor
Originally from upstate New York, Dani Schwartz has lived in Coronado since 1996. She is happy to call Coronado home and to have raised her children here. In her free time she enjoys reading, exercising, trying new restaurants, and just walking her dog around the "island." Have news to share? Send tips or story ideas to: [email protected]