Sunday, November 27, 2022

June Emerald Keepers of the Month: CHS Emerald Keepers Club

For the month of June, the Coronado High School Emerald Keepers club members and their team of interns were selected as the Emerald Keepers of the month. This amazing group of students rallied together to create a garden and compost system throughout the year, eventually donating the produce grown to local food shelters.

The High School Emerald Keepers club’s efforts were recognized earlier this month when the group received the Superintendent’s trophy at the Senior Awards Ceremony. This prestigious award highlights and commemorates outstanding on-campus groups each year. The Emerald Keepers club was chosen for its dedication to the community and efforts to live out the organization’s sustainability mission.

This club has met consistently throughout the year, learning the ropes of composting and gardening along the way. Their mentors, Tara Davis and Karrie Jackson, guided the club to grow produce eligible for donation. Emerald Keepers intern Bailey Manion explains, “Tara and Karrie are really supportive and knowledgeable. I feel like I can always ask them for advice whether it’s for composting or gardening. They’re really great and helpful!” Using the guidance of these amazing mentors, the ambitious high schoolers have planted nearly 18 different types of fruits, herbs, and vegetables with the purpose of donating the produce to local organizations in need.

On April 18th, the club made its first donation to a grassroots San Diego non-profit called the Neighborhood House Association which works with local families in need of food and other social services. Club members were excited to watch their vision come to fruition and make a difference for local families. Emerald Keepers intern and high school club member Daniela Finch shares, “It feels really great to know that I am doing something good for the community, especially seeing how our donations are directly going to families that are food insecure and really need it.”

Since the initial donation, the club has continued meeting throughout the months, rain or shine. During their meetings, members compost waste from local businesses, plant new fruits or vegetables, and even harvest produce for donation. These students enjoy coming together and sharing these mornings in the garden. Club member and intern Zoe Quast explains, “I think it’s really great to get together with everybody. I like being a part of something and it’s so fun being a part of this Emerald Keepers community.”

These club members’ ambition and dedication made it possible to make a second donation to a local food shelter earlier this month. They find fulfillment in knowing their hours of work are going towards making a change in the lives of those living in food insecurity. Zoe Quast shares, “It’s really cool to see that something we made in real time is helping people directly. We grew it from the ground up, literally, and we get to see it actually improve the lives of people.”