Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Fines Will No Longer be Collected for Overdue Books from Coronado Public Library

Fines will no longer be collected for overdue books checked out from the Coronado Public Library after a vote by the City Council earlier this month.

The decision to do away with the fines means Coronado joins nearly all other libraries in San Diego County that have removed fines. No fines will be collected for items checked out beginning July 1.

The Council action was taken June 7 following a vote by the Library Board of Trustees supporting the removal of fines. Libraries across the United States are eliminating fines for overdue items. Studies show that fines primarily impact those who are struggling financially and need library services the most. Libraries have found that fines are not effective in getting materials returned on time.

In eliminating fines, libraries are finding the return of long-overdue items and patrons who have avoided the library for years. Coronado and Carlsbad are currently the only library systems still collecting fines. Carlsbad is currently considering eliminating fines. The costs of replacing lost items are still charged to patrons who do not return their items after a certain period.

Last year, the Library implemented a new renewal policy. Loaned items are automatically renewed up to two times for patrons if there are no holds on the item. This has significantly reduced the number of times items are overdue and reduced fine revenue.