Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ocean Boulevard Street, Sidewalk Improvement Project Update

Work has begun on the asphalt overlay of Ocean Boulevard. This is the last phase of work on a major capital improvement project to improve access and pedestrian mobility on the west side of the roadway.

The work includes a number of bulb outs to reduce the crossing distance at intersections and increase safety. It also includes relocating trash cans and light poles to maintain eight feet of clear pedestrian walkway. The project maintains 11-foot driving lanes, retains the same amount of parking and includes a complete asphalt overlay.

Traffic control during pavement rehabilitation operations this week was significant, with some detours required, and we would like to thank the Coronado community for exercising caution in the area and their continued support. Although most of the project will be complete, including all sidewalks and the asphalt overlay, striping is not scheduled until mid-June. Temporary lane markers and signs will be in place until then.

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