Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Free Summer Shuttle Program Offering Interior Ad Space

Coronado is offering interior advertising space for sale on the City’s popular Free Summer Shuttle buses to local businesses and groups. Four shuttles will operate this summer from Friday, May 27, to Monday, Sept. 5. Ads are highly visible during the three-month program and seen by an estimated 1,000 riders per day. They are an effective way to reach visitors as well as locals.

Ads may promote Coronado tourism and the community, and can include services, products and events that appeal to residents and visitors, such as special events, local history and culture, local art and artists, and offerings from local businesses and retail stores where visitors can shop. Ads are displayed for a minimum of one month. They must comply with the stated goals of the Coronado Summer Shuttle program and Metropolitan Transit System advertising regulations.

Cost is $125 per month per ad per bus for organizations and businesses, and $75 for nonprofit groups. Ad specifications and deadlines and the order form can be found on

The City offers the free shuttle service to reduce vehicle trips along the Orange Avenue corridor during the peak summer season, and is sponsored by the City and Discover Coronado.

For more information, call Howard Lee at 619-522-2423.