Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Coronado Vons Expansion Almost Complete with Plans for a May Grand Opening

Edited April 4, 2022 with some photos of the expansion:

Vons supermarket at 868 Orange Ave, Coronado

The expansion of the Coronado Vons grocery store at 868 Orange Ave is expected to be completed very soon, and shoppers have plenty to look forward to. 

Store Manager Scott Thompson has been with the company for over 36 years and has been at the Coronado location for a year now. 

Thompson said the renovations began in September of 2021, but had been in the works for at least 25 years. 

Approved Re-designed Vons Storefront, Image: City of Coronado website 2019

The remodel of the store includes an expansion into the vacant building, formerly Coramart, next door, as well as brand new plumbing, shelves, cases and refrigeration. The expansion will also include a public restroom, which the store didn’t have previously. 

Although not much looks different on the outside, besides obvious signs of construction, Thompson pointed out some changes for shoppers as the renovations continue.

Shelves lifted on pallets

Some current shelving is set on pallets so it’s easier to move around. This cuts down on the space shoppers have to move through the store, though not by any drastic measure. 

The expansion also means hiring more staff to keep up with more customers and a bigger store.

“In the last two years it has been difficult to get people hired,” Thompson said. “But in the last two months there’s been a lot more applicants. We probably hired about eight or nine people in a month.” 

The construction is expected to be completed at the end of this month, and the grand opening will be held in mid-May if all goes as planned. 

Thompson said the completion date has already been pushed back a few months due to supply issues caused by the pandemic. 

A Peek Inside

Centrally located on the island serving residents, vacationers and day-trippers, Thompson said the renovations are much-needed.

“I think it’s going to be a great thing for the community,” Thompson said. “It’s long overdue for the community to have a nice new store.”

Rear Renovation Plans for Vons Expansion; Image: City of Coronado website 2019


Vons Expansion and Remodel Set to Begin September 2021

Jadyn Brandt
Jadyn Brandt
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