Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Council Receives Tijuana River Environmental Issues Update

The City Council received a report this week on the status of projects to address water pollution from the Tijuana River Watershed. The report discussed the background, how Congress allocated $300 million for border sewage in the United States Mexico-Canada Agreement.

The Environmental Protection Agency then developed a proposed suite of projects to address sewage flows in the Tijuana River and in Mexico. The list of projects includes input from City of Coronado and other stakeholders in the South Bay region, including the other cities, the Navy and the U.S. Border Patrol. Total project cost is in the range of $600 million.

City Council agreed to continue to work with EPA on environmental review and project implementation and encourage Congress to allocate additional funds for remaining projects. In addition, all stakeholders will continue to seek opportunities for project funding through government and private investment.

City Manager’s Weekly Update – February 18, 2022