Saturday, October 16, 2021

Coronado High School Welcomes New Assistant Principal: Shane Bavis 

Newly hired assistant principal at Coronado High School, Shane Bavis brings 23 years of teaching experience to the role. Previously at Cypress High School in Orange County, California, Mr. Bavis says he was drawn to the CHS community because “it is more than just a place – it is a family.” 

Shane Bavis is a new Assistant Principal at Coronado High School.

When asked about his strengths as an assistant principal, Mr. Bavis emphasized the importance of active listening: “This is my greatest strength. All students, teachers, and parents deserve to be heard. Everyone’s experiences and ideas matter. I believe listening helps aid the conversation, cultivates respect and trust, allowing me to better serve the needs of our community.”  

In anticipation of the first day of school on August 26, 2021, Mr. Bavis shared, “What I am most looking forward to is greeting and seeing students on campus. COVID has really impacted us all and prevented us from being together as a school. I truly miss being around students and staff. I think we all feel that way. COVID isolated us from each other and I am energized knowing we are going to be together again as a whole school.” 

Mr. Bavis acknowledges some of the challenges ahead for CHS including a “new schedule, new faculty, and uncertainty over COVID.” He shared, “I firmly believe these changes will be the building blocks for a very successful school year … and it will bring our school closer together.” While Mr. Bavis has not previously worked with a 4×4 schedule, he sees his assistant principal role as “bridging the gap” and “being a resource” to make the change successful. 

After being selected for the assistant principal role in early summer, Mr. Bavis started with CHS in early August. He was part of the interview committee for the new CHS principal, and he praised both Principal Mellina and Assistant Principal Catherine Burling for their encouragement and making “me feel like a valuable team member.”  

While learning about CHS, Mr. Bavis is also getting familiar with Coronado. CHS registrar Mrs. Redding made sure he learned about local lunch-favorite Burger Lounge. As a coffee and chocolate lover, Mr. Bavis looks forward to learning about the plentiful local options for those items. A native New Englander, he is also eager to improve his beach volleyball game and welcomes tips.  

Mr. Bavis appreciates the warm welcome from CHS students, staff, and parents. “My reception at CHS has really made me feel like part of this community, solidifying my belief that I made the right choice. Each person’s words, kind gestures, and warm welcomes truly make me recognize how fortunate I am to be at CHS.”  

Welcome to the Islander Family, Mr. Bavis!


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Chloe Berk
Chloe has called Coronado home since she could walk or talk and considers herself a true Islander. She is currently a student at Coronado High School and a writer for the Islander Times. After studying and writing articles, she enjoys volleyball, the beach, and her newly-adopted dogs from PAWS.
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