Thursday, January 20, 2022

Whose “Profound Lack of Understanding”?

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Submitted by Stuart H. Hurlbert


It is good that the Times allowed Ms. Gillies to respond (Countering Opinion to “Get ADL Out of Coronado and Other Public Schools Now, 07/29/21 ) to my July 28 letter. Two days ago I also suggested to CUSD board member Esther Valdes that an ADL representative be allowed to respond to my letter when the board next meets on August 19. But it would appear that Ms. Gillies knows little of ADL history. Her claims ignore the 18 pages of documentary evidence I provided in Anti-Defamation League: A Compilation of Information on Its Political Nature. This evidence comes largely from the pens of past ADL leaders and other Jewish writers in the U.S. and Israel. Jewish colleagues sent me several of the items in the compilation. So there is no point in getting “down into the weeds” again here. Ms. Gillies points out no error of fact in my letter but makes many herself, of which probably the most laughable is that ADL is “nonpartisan.” Anyone who compares her letter with mine and the 18-page compilation will have no trouble understanding which of us suffers from a “profound lack of understanding.”

Stuart H. Hurlbert
Professor of Biology Emeritus, San Diego State University





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