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Coronado Shores Recreation Returning for Residents

Coronado Shores concert
The kick-off of Feel Good Fridays for the Coronado Shores. (Photo courtesy of Marla Farrage)

The Coronado Shores community management is breathing life back into Shores-living with a range of events cropping up as well as more being planned for later in the summer.

Feel Good Friday bands and Supper Saturday vendors at the Coronado Shores Beach Club are joining the line-up for residents to enjoy as the summer weekends stack up.

“It’s an ongoing process,” Marla Farrage, special projects manager with Coronado Shores Co., laughed and explained how they’re outlining tentative dates and hoping for various bookings.

The company manages 400 properties and before the pandemic numerous events were available for Shores residents, from live music and a Cinco de Mayo shindig to the patio bar and piano bingo.

“They had all kinds of stuff going on; since the pandemic they haven’t been able to really do anything,” Farrage shared about the recreation office she works closely with.

As things started to reopen in the area, Myssie McCann, Coronado Shores Co. president, called a meeting with the team. Farrage said they were expressing how they wanted to financially help start things back up, sponsoring a resurgence of activities.

This Friday, July 9, they’ll have JS The Ragman Band playing from 6-8 pm at the club. Supper Saturdays are from 5-7 pm in the same location, and they’ve had Kaminsky’s BBQ and Mexico City featured previously this summer and they’re currently working on snagging another vendor.

“We have really been busy at the Shores getting geared up for the summer crowd,” shared Jan Zobrist, chair of Landscape & Recreation. “Coronado Shores Co. under the direction of Marla (Farrage) have been working hard supplying Friday night bands and Saturday dinners for the homeowners. Fourth of July weekend was amazing. We look forward to the rest of the summer.”

Zobrist added they’re planning a return of Elvis impersonator Dean Z on July 17 “who is fabulous and packs the room,” she highlighted. They’re planning a big 50th anniversary celebration at the end of August. “This is going to be an all-day bash,” Zobrist said.

More updates to the Shores leisure schedule and larger festivities will be released as information is confirmed.

“We have (a) record number of people at the Shores this summer,” Zobrist mentioned. “This is lots of fun for us, and a great help to the economy of Coronado.”

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Aly Lawson
Aly Lawson
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