Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sharp Coronado Hospital is Emerald Green, Ocean Blue

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Sharp Coronado Hospital: Ken Gibson, Engineering Director; CEO Sharp Coronado Hospital, Susan Stone, CEO and Fahd Benjalil, CFO

Sharp Coronado Hospital is not merely a center for healing and health care. It also focuses on mindfulness and sustainability. Sharp Coronado Hospital is Emerald Keepers’ newest Emerald Green, Ocean Blue Business and Restaurant. Making this designation a priority, CEO of Sharp Coronado Hospital, Susan Stone, stressed, “We definitely have made huge progress in this area. It has been a journey.”

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The team at Sharp Coronado has successfully reduced their collective impact on the environment through actions that include:

  • Campus-wide LED lighting upgrades.
  • The Villa earned an Energy Star Certified Building Award
  • The facilities earning the Energy Star Building Recognition for the 8th straight year.
  • Installation of water bottle filling stations (On the 3rd floor alone, nearly 7,000 bottles
    have been saved).
  • Implementing numerous waste reduction and recycling projects.
  • Continued participation in Sharp Health Care “All Ways Green” initiatives.
  • Converting the patient belonging bag to reusable or paper bag.

Stone credits Ken Gibson, Engineering Director, with reducing energy consumption and helping Sharp Coronado Hospital earn the coveted Energy Star. Gibson said, “This is for the future, all the families here, and the future of our world. If everyone does their part, it makes the world a little better. We are saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases.”

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Stone is especially proud of the hospital’s effort to make The Mindful Cafe at Sharp Coronado Hospital Emerald Green, Ocean Blue. They have eliminated straws, use sustainable takeout containers, and only dispense plastic cutlery upon request. The Mindful Café uses best practices for recycling and energy efficiency and offers healthy plant-based options.

Emphasizing that becoming Emerald Green, Ocean Blue was a team effort. Chief Financial Operating Officer and strong advocate for sustainability, Fahd Benjalil said, “It is important for us to reduce our carbon footprint not only for this generation but for generations to come.”

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In addition to Sharp Coronado Hospital facilities being Emerald Green, Ocean Blue, their Coronado Vaccine Clinic became Emerald Green, Ocean Blue after encouraging volunteers and staff to bring refillable bottles to eliminate single-use water bottles. They also eliminated paper registration by moving to electronic check-in.

Jennifer Cordova, Site Supervisor and Ana Ramirez, Volunteer Coordinator

“Being Emerald Green, Ocean Blue is a priority for us because our passion is improving the health of our community and our community can only be healthy if our planet is healthy,” explained Stone. “In this beach community, it is so important that we contribute to improving the health of our planet. By working together to reduce our impact on the planet and help this beautiful community be healthy and well, we are securing the health of many, many future generations.”

Congratulations, Sharp Coronado Hospital!

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