Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tim Rohan Announces Candidacy for City Council

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Submitted by Tim Rohan

Events of the past few weeks have spurred me into action. I see a Council that is out of touch with its constituency, but before I ran, I wanted to make sure I stood for something, not just against the status quo. I wanted to make sure that I have ideas and solutions, not just complaints. I have come to the conclusion that both are true. So, I am announcing my Candidacy for Coronado City Council. With your help, and with two other votes on Council, we can begin to correct the course that Coronado has been on.

As a Councilperson I will have “The Courage to Communicate”: I will (as I always have) let anyone who is listening know how I feel about issues. “Small Town Values”: I will do my best to grow Coronado in a way that will allow it to keep its small-town feel and maintain its small-town charm. “Accountability”:  I will always hold myself accountable for what I can both do, and not do for you (I will “own” that the buck stops with Council and it’s my job to get done what you want). I will be “Pro Resident”: being pro resident does not mean anti-business, it just means achieving a balance that works best for both. We do not have that balance. I will “Support our Citizens and our Neighboring Communities”: Over the past number of years Coronado has governed itself as if we were an island (some of you are chuckling right now). What happens over the bridge, and down the strand, have great impact on Coronado. We need to build alliances and common goals with our neighbors.

Some of the issues I think are important: Stopping the Sewage Plant on the Golf Course. Joining the IBWC Lawsuit (the failure to do so was/is one of the most shameful actions Coronado has ever taken). Creating accurate and balanced town meetings (I think the ones Coronado hosted for Undergrounding, and for Dog Parks were neither accurate or balanced). Having “Staff” prepare recommendations that reflect Coronado’s Values more than their own, or their boss’s values (IE. Crown Manor). Limiting the use of the “Consent Calendar” (it is now used to avoid taking stands on issues). Creating a fast and easy way for residents to add to Council’s Agenda. Adjusting Coronado’s interpretation of the “Brown Act” (it should not be used as a way to avoid constituents’ questions). Revisiting the “Basement issue” (I think the set-backs for basements need to be increased, and the builders need to fully compensate Coronado for the dewatering costs).

With your help and your vote, we can do all this and so much more…

Tim Rohan
[email protected]

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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