Saturday, June 19, 2021

Blue Bridge Hospitality Persevering During COVID-19

Many restaurants in Coronado have closed during the current coronavirus public health pandemic, and Blue Bridge Hospitality is not immune. Only five of their nine Coronado operations remain open for business. Little Frenchie, Village Pizzeria on Orange, and Moo Time Creamery are currently open from 12pm to 8pm. These locations allow customers to call in for takeout and delivery, Village Pizzeria also offers online ordering. Luis Madrid of the former Cafe Madrid is running the ferry landing operations at Coronado Coffee Company 7am to 7pm and Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q from 10:30am to 7pm.

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BBH Owner, David Spatafore, claims the business overall is, “not sustainable.” He laughs adding, “it’s going as well as it can.” David explains that some of his restaurants are more prepared naturally for these conditions. Moo Time, for instance, is used to quick turn around time with food and already had the plexiglass sneeze guards in place. Village Pizzeria is accustomed to frequent deliveries, guaranteeing meals arrive with the same quality you can expect when you dine in. More challenging is Little Frenchie. The chefs at Leroy’s and Stake have joined in at Little Frenchie to continue to cook up local favorites, but there has been a lot to work out. For instance, can you make mussels and fries to-go and expect the same quality? Will some favorites just not work as take out items?

David leading by example by wearing a facial covering.

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As far as food, customer, and employee safety, David assures that they have been on top of making the recommended changes from the beginning. “We use gloves, sanitize, everyone is wearing masks and washing their hands – even more often than the new standard.” He also highlights the importance of having open communication with staff. “My staff tells me when they feel uncomfortable with people waiting inside the restaurant, so now we are taking orders at the door. I am sensitive to all staff concerns.”

When asked how the loan process is going, David is frank, “it sucks!” He says that he does not know anyone who has received any of the loans yet. David expands that the media makes it sound great and the politicians say that they want to help but nothing is being done. “It has been three weeks and we’re blindly sitting in line. Some loans have been denied due to the zoning.”

David also shares that the approach of the City of Coronado is disappointing. “We should have been in a leadership position.” David reiterates some of his feelings that he has shared online, “We have 22 years of business and 20-30% of small business may go away with this. Who is going to take their place? Landlords who may or may not be getting rent will want to replace tenants with national chains that have the resources that local businesses don’t.” David shared his concerns that “The CHARACTER of Coronado is defined by the PEOPLE & PLACES of Nado” weeks ago. You can read his unfiltered thoughts here.

For the most up to date information on Blue Bridge Hospitality be sure to check Facebook. Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q is currently offering the Lil’ Family Pack and Village Pizzeria already has portions set up for family sharing. Little Frenchie has seen more success with their A La Carte Menu featuring favorites of Little Frenchie, Leroy’s, and Stake. They also offer 50% off wine which prompts David to laugh, “we have blown through our wine.”

Blue Bridge Hospitality Employees Showing Their Facial Coverings

The community can help by supporting all local restaurants. David says, “think about where you are putting your support and money. Think about small, locally owned businesses. The next few weeks will determine the success or failure. Think about High Tide, Saiko Sushi, Boney’s, Bistro d’Asia, Costa Azul, Tartine and Night and Day.”

To place your orders at Blue Bridge Hospitality restaurants:

Little Frenchie – 619-675-0041
Village Pizzeria – 619-522-0449
Lil’ Piggy’s BBQ – 619-522-0217
MooTime Creamery – 619-435-2422

Follow the restaurants on Facebook for updated specials.


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