Costa Azul Returns to Coronado

Visit Costa Azul’s new Ferry Landing location at 1201 1st Street. Local band, Ron’s Garage, will be playing live from 6:30-10 PM on Thursday, February 6, as part of Costa Azul’s official opening celebration.

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and many Coronado residents considered locally-owned Mexican restaurant, Costa Azul, that place. When the restaurant closed in August 2018, due to the purchase of an entire block in Downtown Coronado, the community eagerly awaited news of a new location. Now, over a year and a half later, the wait is finally over. Costa Azul’s new Ferry Landing location will open this week.

Costa Azul Ferry Landing
The facade of Costa Azul’s new Ferry Landing location.

Costa Azul’s owner, Brant Sarber, talked about the new location, “We wanted to make it as much like Costa on Orange as we could.” Visitors will recognize familiar lighting fixtures, pew seating, and even pictures on the wall – all saved mementos from Costa Azul’s former location on Orange Avenue. The dining room and outside patio areas are essentially the same in terms of size with a larger bar and lounge area and the restaurant plans on offering live entertainment four times a week.

Costa Azul Ferry Landing
Floor-to-ceiling views of the San Diego Bay and Downtown San Diego.

Noticeable differences include the floor-to-ceiling views of the Bay and Downtown San Diego. Sarber is excited about the new possibilities, “Visitors can enjoy the stellar views, fireworks, boat parades, and get to watch the Navy ships come in. It’s fun to be a part of that.” Another benefit of the new space? A significantly larger kitchen allowing for Costa Azul to start focusing on catering and private events in a way they never could at their previous location.

The process of opening the new space was, however, not an easy one, “I thought we were going to open two weeks ago,” Sarber explained, “We were going to open and then the main gas line had a leak. Then, we got that done and the Fire Marshall came with an inspector and told us we needed to get all GFCI plugs in the kitchen, which we did, and then they came back and told us we needed a permit for those changes. So, we dealt with the City and someone was going to come out and then someone called in sick and it went on and on.” Sarber admitted the landlord of the new location has been incredibly helpful through everything.

“This stuff happens, but you’ve got to just keep going,” Sarber said, and keep going he did. Wednesday night, Costa Azul is, finally, hosting its Soft Opening for family and friends with an official opening slated for Thursday. Visitors will recognize the majority of the serving staff, with most of the restaurant’s previous front and back of house members being brought back on at the new location. 

Costa Azul Ferry Landing
The larger bar and lounge area.

The new Costa Azul will also have a nearly identical menu to the previous location with weekly specials and an interest in affordability, “We want the community to be able to have an evening out and not break the bank,” Sarber said, before emphasizing the restaurant’s focus, “We’re here for the locals and the community.”

Costa Azul Ferry Landing
The bay views from Costa Azul’s new dog-friendly patio area.

Sarber has nothing but gratitude towards the Coronado community, “We’re here. The reason we’re here is because of the community. We’re so happy to be here.”

Local band, Ron’s Garage, will be playing live from 6:30-10 PM on Thursday night as part of Costa Azul’s official opening celebration. Visit Costa Azul’s new Ferry Landing location (1201 1st Street) and check out their Facebook page for news and updates on events. 



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