COVID-19 in San Diego:
Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)
Tuesday, June 2, 2020

COVID-19 in San Diego: Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)

N2N Program Launches


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Mr. Rogers would be proud of Coronado as neighbors come together in this time of national crisis. Neighbor to Neighbor, referred to as N2N, is a program built on neighbors looking out for and helping one another. Sanctioned by the City of Coronado, N2N is a volunteer effort working within all areas of Coronado to include the Village, Shores, Navy Housing, and the Cays; the latter three are instituting individual efforts and are in contact with N2N.
Within the Village, Coronado has been subdivided into 174 blocks with a designated volunteer Block Captain for each block. Block Captains are responsible for organizing within their designated block
[1] a practical, enduring system of communication between neighbors and
[2] a simple system to ensure neighbors are okay. Block Captains are not responsible for providing answers or support for all their neighbors. They are simply the conduit for establishing effective communications and neighborly “check-ins” as well as serving as liaisons to make the City aware of needs or trends that may arise in their neighborhoods during times of crisis.
Block Captains began delivering letters and resident contact forms to their neighbors’ doorsteps this past weekend. Individuals’ information will only be shared as they stipulate on the contact form they are asked to return to their Block Captain. If you wish to share your email address with the City to receive updates, please indicate this on your form and Block Captains will forward emails to

For questions or needs that exceed the Block Captain’s purview contact or call the City of Coronado Call Center at 619-522-6380.

MAP IMAGE UPDATED April 15:Neighbor to Neighbor map April 15

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The blocks in pink still need block captains.To achieve total success, the N2N program requires a Block Captain for every one of our 174 Blocks. As of 4pm April 1st, the program is still in need of Block Captains for the blocks highlighted (in pink) on the map above. If you live on or near one of these blocks and are willing and able to serve as a Village Block Captain, please contact If you are a Block Captain and have not received an important email from the from the City of Coronado, please email

N2N Contacts:

Village Blocks:
Shores: The Coronado Shores have a structure in place for resident communication. Residents of the Shores are encouraged to communicate with their building managers.

City of Coronado Call Center: 619-522-6380 or


Neighbor to Neighbor, Block by Block: “N2N” Program to Connect Residents

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