Emerald Keepers of the Month

Some people just talk about problems, but Aimee Richards, Margo Rhodes and Sally Perley take action. The long-time friends from CHS class of ’84 recently returned to Coronado and have formed a club of sorts. They call themselves the P.U.’s which stands for Pick-Up Club.

P.U. Club: Aimee Richards, Margo Rhodes and Sally Perley

Aimee Richards said, “We get together for coffee and select a different area each time to pick up trash. Today is our first time at The Landing. We are very disappointed in all the glass on the beach.”


“What is of most concern is the trash along the hightide line. This tells us the trash is either already in the water, which is what we are trying to avoid, or it is about to be in the water unless good people are out there getting it out of the tide line,” said Margo Rhodes.

An ocean enthusiast and lover of marine life, Margo is concerned about the marine debris in the bay and ocean. “Obviously our marine mammal friends are of great priority for the Pick-Up Club. We are trying to keep the trash out of the bellies of our friends in the ocean.”

These friends are making a difference and having fun at the same time. They were all smiles and laughter as they chatted, picked up marine debris, and called out their finds.

Sally Perley said, “People see us and appreciate what we are doing. Our hope is that maybe they will go out and do something similar.”

Congratulations to Aimee Richards, Margo Rhodes and Sally Perley for being Emerald Keepers of the Month.

Emerald Keepers is a local non-profit group of volunteers leading a growing grassroots effort to care for our coastal community, ensure Coronado’s sustainability for generations to come, and serve as a model for other communities. If you know someone who qualifies as an Emerald Keepers of the Month, please contact emeraldkeepers@gmail.com.



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