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Coronado’s Orit Ostrowiak and the O2 Effect: A Breath of Fresh Air

International trainer, speaker, and coach Orit Ostrowiak recently added ‘published author’ to her professional accomplishments. Ostrowiak’s book: The O2 Effect Report: Tips and Techniques for Maximizing your Potential packs an inspiring punch despite its small size – much like the author herself.

The O2 Effect Report book cover

Born in South Africa and growing up during the apartheid era, Orit developed a strong yearning for giving back and making an impression on the world for the greater good. Her parents instilled a love of reading, travel, and education – which would ultimately become the foundation for her professional career coaching clients including the U.S. Border Patrol, the US Marines, and Aetna Insurance to name just a few.

“My own life has taken a long and winding journey, but it has made me more empathetic and therefore more effective in coaching others. I’m committed to being present. I’m here to change lives and enjoy my own.”

The main premise of Orit’s business as detailed in the O2 Effect Report is “to help individuals and teams handle all types of conflict due to the four communication gaps: gender, generation, culture, and personality type.” Orit maintains that whether in or out of the workplace, communication is paramount. Becoming a better listener, framing conversation with greater positivity, and learning how to say ‘no’ are just a few key strategies that can have a profound impact on overall success.

“Every business has needs and challenges that are unique to the people who work there.  Whether it’s team building, employee retention, visualizing goals or determining a mission, the solution is finding a common language.”

Despite having lived and worked throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, The Netherlands, South Africa, and Australia, Orit now calls Coronado home. She is active in the Coronado Rotary Club and is now on the Board as an International Director. Orit describes the Coronado Rotary Club as “one of the best rotary clubs in the world.”

“I really cannot say enough good things about the Coronado Rotary Club,” says Orit, “there are over 250 members and they are really good people at their very core. There are a lot of living angels there who are committed to making a difference in the world.”

In the spirit of making a difference, Ostrowiak led a group from Coronado to her home country of South Africa in May of 2018, where the group joined two other Rotary Clubs and volunteered at the Missionvale Care Center outside of Port Elizabeth. As described in her book,

“The goodwill between us and the those we served was incredible! I got to give back to my country of birth in a way I had always dreamed of.”

In addition to her passion for social good and helping others, Orit is an avid tennis player and dedicated mother to Audrey, a freshman at San Diego State, and Maxine, a senior at Coronado High School.

“Coronado will always have a special place in my heart,” Orit explains, “coincidentally, the Hotel Del Coronado was the first American hotel I ever stayed at. I swam in the Pacific Ocean, I played tennis on the courts. Even at nine years old, I think I knew I was going to do something important here.”


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