Cops and Robbers: Burglary Results in $250,000 Cash Loss (8/5/19-8/15/19)

Thanks to the Coronado Police Department for providing The Coronado Times with the below information (partial list):


8/14/19-8/15/19: Petty Theft near 700 block of D Avenue

Unknown suspect cut the victim’s bicycle lock and took her pink beach cruiser from her residence. Victim estimated the value of the bicycle at approximately $100.

8/14/19: Petty Theft near 800 block of Orange Avenue

Unknown suspect took victim’s black beach cruiser bike, locked a bicycle rack directly in front of Union Bank. The bicycle was valued at approximately $400.

8/12/19: Burglary of the First Degree near 1400 block of Tenth Street

Unknown suspect stole the victim’s safe from inside her residence. The value of the safe is currently unknown. The contents of the safe included passports, trust documents, silver and gold coins of unknown value, and $250,000 cash.

8/12/19: Cyber Attack With Intent of Seduction of Minor near 500 block of C Avenue

Unidentified suspect(s) sent messages containing explicit sexual content via text message and other social media apps to the 13-year-old victim’s cell phone.

8/11/19: Grand Theft near 3200 block of Silver Strand Boulevard

Unknown suspect stole a cell phone from the bathroom at the location. The stolen property was valued at approximately $1,000.

8/10/19: Threatening Telephone Calls near 1800 block of Avenida Del Mundo

Victim received approximately thirteen harassing phone calls and voicemails within a thirty-minute time frame.

8/9/19-8/10/19: Petty Theft near 100 block of St. Christopher’s Lane

Unknown suspect took victim’s unlocked bicycle from her front patio. The bicycle was valued at approximately $75.

8/9/19-8/10/19: Petty Theft near 100 block of C Avenue

Unknown suspect took the victim’s locked bicycle from a bicycle rack at the location. The stolen bicycle was valued at approximately $100.

8/9/19: Petty Theft near 1500 block of Orange Avenue

Unknown suspect stole the victim’s unlocked bicycle from the parking lot of the Hotel del Coronado. The bicycle was valued at approximately $75.

8/9/19: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 1800 block of Strand Way

Unknown suspect used a wood chip to vandalize the sidewalk pavement near the entrance to the Coronado Community Center.

8/6/19-8/7/19: Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses near 200 block of E Avenue

Victim received multiple phone calls from a suspect who identified himself as a technical support employee from Apple. The suspect convinced the victim she had been hacked through her Apple iCloud account and convinced the victim to purchase several gift cards. The total loss was $1,800.

8/5/19: Petty Theft near 1000 block of A Avenue

Unknown suspect stole the victim’s locked bicycle. The bicycle and equipment were valued at $355.


8/15/19: Disorderly Conduct Due to Alcohol – Misdemeanor near 1100 block of Ninth Street

49 year old male

8/13/19: Possession of Controlled Substance – Misdemeanor near 600 block of Glorietta Boulevard

28 year old male

8/12/19: Trespassing – Misdemeanor near 1500 block of Orange Avenue

24 year old male

8/10/19: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol – Misdemeanor near 1000 block of Orange Avenue

20 year old male

8/8/19: Possession of Open Alcohol Container While Driving – Misdemeanor near 200 block of Glorietta Boulevard

18 year old male


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