Cops and Robbers: Multiple Acts of Vandalism and Bike Thefts (7/21/19-7/31/19)

Thanks to the Coronado Police Department for providing The Coronado Times with the below information (partial list):


7/31/19: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 800 block fo First Street

Unknown suspect vandalized a black fence post with orange paint at Harborview Park. Photos of the vandalism were taken and uploaded to

7/31/19: Petty Theft near 1000 block of Orange Avenue

Victim reported that an unknown subject cut his bicycle lock and took his Gray Giant Mt. Bicycle. Victim valued the loss at about $200.

7/30/19: Petty Theft near 700 block of F Avenue

Victim reported his Mongoose scooter stolen from the side of his apartment of his complex. Victim captured the suspect on his Ring surveillance video cameras.

7/29/19-7/30/19: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 1100 block of Ninth Street

Unknown suspect vandalized a school banner with a marker. The total estimated loss was $20. There were no independent witnesses to the crime.

7/29/19: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 800 block of B Avenue

The suspect was seen walking down the alley and then drawing on the reporting party’s trash can. The suspect then fled south down the alley.

7/28/19-7/29/19: Petty Theft near 600 block of C Avenue

Unknown suspect removed the victim’s locked bicycle from the Spreckels Park bicycle rack. There were no suspects seen, and the value of the property taken was approximately $350.

7/28/19: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 200 block of A Avenue

The driver-side A-pillar of the victim’s vehicle sustained one dent with paint damage caused by what appeared to be a pellet fired from a pellet gun.

7/27/19: Petty Theft near 1500 block of Orange Avenue

The victim and his family were borrowing bikes from friends, who are Coronado residents. The victim and his family parked the bikes temporarily on the bike racks located at the entrance to the Hotel Del Coronado boardwalk. One of the bicycles was then stolen. Victim estimates the bike was left on the bike rack about five minutes prior to being stolen. The estimated loss of the bike is $600.

7/27/19: Petty Theft near 1500 block of Orange Avenue

Victim was sitting on a bench along the Hotel Del Coronado boardwalk when she dozed off with her purse next to her. Subject grabbed the purse off the bench and ran south along the boardwalk towards Avenida Del Sol. The total loss for the purse and its contents is approximately $100.

7/27/19: Vandalism near 900 block of B Avenue

Unknown suspect was observed knocking several times on the victim’s window before it broke. The replacement cost of the window is estimated to be under $400.

7/26/19: Grand Theft Property near 1500 block of Pendleton Road

Victim’s wedding ring and engagement ring were taken from her home. The estimated loss for the rings is $14,350.

7/26/19: Battery near 1500 block of Orange Avenue

Unknown male suspect assaulted the victim while he was seated on a chair at the beach. The victim suffered a small abrasion to the back of his left knee as a result of the assault. Suspect fled the area and was not located.

7/25/19-7/27/19: Grand Theft Property near 3000 block of Silver Strand Bouelvard

Unknown suspect stole victim’s unsecured bicycle from Fiddler’s Cove. The approximate value of the stolen bicycle is $1,400.

7/25/19: Petty Theft near 1800 block of Strand Way

Unknown suspect took the victim’s wallet from the men’s locker room at the Coronado Community Center. The estimated value of the loss is $100. The suspect fled the scene undetected.

7/24/19-7/27/19: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Felony) near 200 block of A Avenue

Victim’s vehicle sustained a circular chipped paint on the driver’s door. The damage is consistent with being shot by a pellet. The repair cost is estimated at $1,000.

7/24/19-7/25/19: Burglary of the First Degree near 800 block of C Avenue

Unknown suspect entered the victim’s garage and stole his unsecured bicycle. The bicycle was valued at $315.

7/24/19: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 700 block of G Avenue

Unknown subject broke out a window of a vehicle at the location. The window was valued at approximately $500.

7/24/19: Petty Theft near 100 block of Catspaw Cape

Victim’s flag and flag pole, totaling to $65, were stolen from the exterior of her residence.

7/23/19-7/24/19: Petty Theft near 1200 block of Alameda Boulevard

Unknown suspect entered the victims’ unlocked vehicle on the driveway of their residence, stealing various items. The total loss for the stolen items is $395.

7/21/19: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism (Misdemeanor) near 1400 block of Sixth Street

Unknown suspect suspect used a pellet gun to vandalize the victim’s vehicle by shooting the front and rear driver side windows.


7/30/19: Using Controlled Substance – Misdemeanor near 800 block of Orange Avenue

47 year old male

7/30/19: Disorderly Conduct Due to Alcohol – Misdemeanor near 100 block of B Avenue

36 year old male

7/28/19: Possession of Controlled Substance – Misdemeanor near 5500 block of Silver Strand Boulevard

47 year old male

7/28/19: Grand Theft Property – Felony near 1000 block of Orange Avenue

41 year old male

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