Youth Center: Stand Behind This Project

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Submitted by Judy West

Today, I am writing this letter to express concern and disappointment that the plans for the Youth Center were not approved.

My family came here in approximately 1918 and as you might imagine with population increases and no more empty lots, the feeling of belonging to the neighborhood have all but disappeared. They disappeared slowly and now you may not even speak to your neighbors much less know their names and life stories.

And still, what seemed like and what we took for granted was that sense of community. It’s not easy to put your finger on it but nonetheless, it is a loss and not that we can return to those times, [but] we can, in a caring way, provide a safe and communal space for our youth. A place to socialize, create and feel wanted and accepted. A place to go where instead of wandering around town, does not make them vulnerable to the seemingly exciting feeling of ‘belonging’ with people of negative influence and intentions. Not all our youth want to participate in the sports of golf, tennis, sailing and such. Our youth are multifaceted, intelligent and amazingly talented. They have ideas to share and voices to be heard. Their life work is just as valid as we adults.


It would behoove us to take advantage of this generous offer. Since it is only a few adults in the ‘community’ making decisions and the all too powerful ‘No!’, I would say to all our Coronado residents …”Let’s do this!”  Stand behind this project. Give our youth a place to socialize, create, express ideas and shine!

Judy West



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