City of Coronado Refutes Brown Act Violations – Will Not “Correct” Feb. 19, 2019 Vote

Earlier this month on April 5th, 2019, Coronado’s City Attorney Johanna N. Canlas, Mayor Richard Bailey and Council members Whitney Benzian, Mike Donovan, Marvin Heinze and Bill Sandke received a “Demand to Cure or Correct Coronado City Council Action” from the law firm of Hernquist & Associates:

This law firm represents Harold DeNardi, who is an interested person pursuant to California Government Code section 54960.1(b). This letter shall serve as a demand on the Coronado City Council and Mayor Richard Bailey to cure or correct the action taken on February 19, 2019 upholding an appeal of a Street Tree Committee decision.

The April 5th document also accused Coronado’s Mayor and each Council member of violating the Brown Act:

The City Council violated the Brown Act by engaging in these serial meetings in violation of California Government Code sections 54953 &, 54952.2. There was a concerted effort by Coronado residents to influence City Council’s vote and at the City Council Meeting, the City Council failed to disclose many of the communications that violated the Brown Act.

View the entire document with additional details of the accusations.

On April 18th, the City of Coronado, via the law firm of Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP, sent the below response to Hernquist & Associates refuting Brown Act violations and denying any action to “cure or correct” the February 19 vote.

The Coronado Times contacted Hernquist & Associates for comment regarding the City’s response and they replied, “No comment.”


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