Tania Luviano Steps Out as Associate Producer for San Diego Feature Film: “Carbon”

Coronado’s Tania Luviano is no stranger to the spotlight. The five-time Emmy award-winning journalist, tv personality, actress and internet vlogger has been gracing red carpets for years.

On March 21st Tania added a new title to her impressive list of accomplishments. This time as Associate Producer and actress for the San Diego produced, feature-length film, Carbon.

Carbon, categorized by IMDb as a crime/thriller film, is a story of corruption and greed. Corporate executives in the mining industry vie for trillions of dollars of profit and engage in shady business and dangerous partnerships in pursuit of their fortunes. The dark and sexy backdrop for the film could easily be any international cosmopolitan city, but the entire feature was filmed in San Diego, which Luviano says is one of the main reasons she became involved with the film.

Tania Luviano, Associate Producer and Actress in the film Carbon

“There is so much talent in San Diego,” says Tania “San Diego’s film industry is in the middle of a renaissance and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is very interested in welcoming more filmmakers.”

Raul Urreola, the director and writer of Carbon shares Tania’s praise for San Diego for filmmaking which is why he established his film production company Urreola Film in San Diego.

Coronado’s Tania Luviano partners with San Diego film company Urreola for the film Carbon

“Not only is San Diego a very diverse city, but the culture and climate of the city is also so much more welcoming than other places,” says Urreola. “It’s very difficult to shoot in LA with all the requirements and restrictions for permits. Why go to LA and spend so much money for permits with grumpy neighbors when San Diego is here and very friendly?”

While San Diego has long been a destination spot for Hollywood filmmakers who have turned out iconic films such as Citizen Kane, Some Like it Hot and Top Gun — to name just a few, Luviano explains there is a big difference between feature films that have scenes in San Diego versus those that are written, directed, produced, and filmed here.

“What we’re doing with Carbon has never been done before in the film industry in San Diego,” says Tania. “Carbon is a Hollywood-quality film made in San Diego by San Diegans. Through this film we would like to inspire other filmmakers to bring their creative work to our gorgeous city.”

Tania Luviano
Tania Luviano is at home in front of and behind the camera for the film Carbon

The film features varied areas of San Diego including Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, and Coronado — where scenes were filmed at our very own Nado Republic.

Filmmaking in San Diego is hopefully on the rise, says Tania. San Diego recently made MovieMaker magazine’s list of top 20 cities for making films and there are several Hollywood productions in San Diego in the works.

The Encore Screening of Carbon takes place Tuesday, April 2 at Reading Cinemas in La Mesa. For more information, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/carbon-encore-screening-tickets-58625267754


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