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Get Your 4th of July Parade Viewing Spot at 5am (not 4:59am) VIDEO

Looking for a great spot for the Coronado 4th of July parade? This is what the Orange Ave median looks like around 6am – basically, the best spots are gone.

Most “seat savers” get to Orange Avenue around 4:30am to pick out prime parade real estate. You are NOT allowed onto the median to save space until 5am, so stay on the sidewalk until that time. Prepare to have at least one person stay with your stuff once it’s in place.

Official City Rules:

The center median will be patrolled throughout the night by police officers and Public Services employees to ensure there is no camping or staking out. People on the median prior to 5am will be asked to leave and subject to a citation. Items left unattended on the center median will be removed. Items removed will be taken to the Coronado Public Services building, located at 101 B Avenue, where they can be claimed on July 5, between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Items not claimed by 2 p.m. on July 5, will be discarded. You may set up on the sidewalk side of Orange Avenue before 5am; however, you cannot leave items unattended or block public rights-of-way. There also is no loading or unloading of items or passengers while stopped in traffic lanes.

See the 4th of July schedule here

Video: Police Remove “Early Bird” Parade Items from Coronado Median

Video: Coronado Parade Space Savers Just After 5AM on Orange Ave

It’s always a great parade:

Can’t be at the parade? Watch it via Live Stream

The parade will be shown live on both
Coronado TV ( and on
Surf’s Up Studios Coronado Facebook page (


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Managing Editor
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