Coronado Lifeguards Add Seasonal Tower, Offer Fourth of July Safety Tips

lifeguard tower image: city of CoronadoTo increase the level of service at Coronado Central Beach, the City has added an additional seasonal lifeguard tower.

The new tower will allow the City to provide an additional Coronado Lifeguard in the most crowded section of the beach while reducing City vehicles on the beach. The new tower will be labeled 4C, which will change the numbering of the subsequent towers to the north.

Tower 4C will be placed just north of the Main Lifeguard tower at Central Beach. The next tower moving up the beach will be 5C near the end of Marina Avenue, then 6C near Ocean Drive and the fire pits, and finally 7C near Dog Beach. The Coronado Beach map has been updated to reflect these changes.

As summer nears, the Coronado Lifeguards have a few safety tips for those coming to the beach this Independence Day:

  • Always swim near a Lifeguard: The City will have all Lifeguard towers open, as well as its Vehicle and Rescue Water Craft patrols underway. It is always best to swim near a Lifeguard so that immediate help is close by if you need it.
  • Check the conditions before entering the water: Every lifeguard tower has a conditions board and flag that provides information on potential hazards. Know before you go.
  • Wear a lifejacket when boating: It is always a good idea to wear a lifejacket while boating. By law, children must wear lifejackets while boating.
  • Do not swim or operate a boat while intoxicated: Intoxication is a factor in most fatal boating accidents. It is also a factor in many drowning incidents.
  • Supervise children around the water: The beach, bay, pools, and even a kiddie pool, or unattended bucket of water can be deadly to a child. They are counting on us to stay vigilant.

The Lifeguards remind beachgoers that there is no alcohol or glass allowed at the City’s beach or parks, and fires must be in a contained fire pit and not in the sand. Finally, please do not forget to pick up after yourself and group.

Source: City of Coronado


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