Outstanding Juniors Honored with Book Awards at CHS Islander Awards

(Left to right) Cristine Kleint, Andrew Needham, Sydney Zoehrer, Cooper Wilson, Alyssa Agarwal, Avery Dozier, Georgia Ronis von Helms, and Nathaniel Kim

As the school year comes to a close, teachers reflect and recognize the outstanding students they had the pleasure of teaching. The 25th annual Islander Awards honored some of Coronado High School’s top students for their outstanding academic achievement in every subject area offered. After recognizing these students in their respective subject areas, Junior Book Awards were given to those juniors who stood out from the rest of their class. The juniors pictured above were awarded the following book awards:

The Williams College Book Award is given to those students who demonstrate intellectual excellence and achievement. The student recognized for showing intellectual leadership and significantly contributing to the extracurricular life on campus was Cooper Wilson.

The Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology recognizes a student in the junior class for outstanding achievement in the pursuit of innovation in technology. Given by the University of Rochester, Cristine Kleint was presented with this award.

Sponsored by the University of Rochester, as well, the George Eastman Young Leaders Award is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and leadership. The recipient of this book was Avery Dozier.

The Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award acknowledges student achievement and superior intellectual promise in the science field. This award, also presented by the University of Rochester, was given to Alyssa Agarwal.

First presented in 1916, the Rensselaer Medal serves to recognize superlative academic achievement of young men and women, while also motivating students towards careers in the field of science, engineering, and technology. This award was presented to the student who has distinguished themselves in mathematics and science: Andrew Needham.

The Saint Anselm College Book Award recognizes exceptional leadership qualities and academic success. Sydney Zoehrer was the recipient of this award.

The Yale Book Award is given by the Yale Club of San Diego to selected juniors ranking in the top 3% of their class. The student receiving this award has demonstrated leadership skills and outstanding intellectual promise. The Yale Book Award was given to Georgia Ronis von Helms.

Harvard Clubs all around the nation have awarded Harvard Prize Books since 1910 to outstanding students in junior classes of secondary schools. Since 1957, the Harvard Club of San Diego has awarded prize books and certificates of merit to many exceptional students across the county. The Harvard Prize Book is based upon excellence of scholarship, as well as extracurricular and personal achievement. The Harvard Prize Book of 2018 was awarded to Nathaniel Kim.

Congratulations to all high-performing, hard-working students at Coronado High School for an excellent scholastic year!


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