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Coronado Real Estate Monthly Update (May 2018)

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Three Point Monthly Market Update, May 2018

ACTIVE – There are 129 active properties for sale in 92118. The least expensive is 46 Montego Court in the Coronado Cays for $740,000 and the most expensive continues to be 1015 Ocean “Crown Manor” for $25,000,000. The average list price is $3,325,139 with a price per square foot of $1,095.17.

PENDING – There are 37 pending sales with an average list price of $2,034,599 and a price per square foot of $949.95.

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SOLD – During the month of May, there were 33 sales with an average sales price of $1,884,557. During the same month in 2017, there were 27 sales with an average sales price of $1,545,867. This represents a 22% increase in value over the same time last year.

Active Properties
AddressBedsBathsLiving ft2List PriceCost per ft2DOM
1015 Ocean Blvd1118.022,997$25,000,000$1,087.10110 days
1043 Ocean Blvd.1011.010,500$17,500,000$1,666.6791 days
519 Ocean Blvd86.07,140$12,900,000$1,806.72326 days
708 A Ave57.06,607$11,200,000$1,695.17100 days
4 Buccaneer Way57.08,200$7,899,995$963.41175 days
1500 Orange Avenue Unit #Cottage 833.02,034$7,500,000$3,687.3230 days
44 Green Turtle Rd56.06,453$7,200,000$1,115.76103 days
999 Adella Ave58.05,530$6,750,000$1,220.61139 days
910 Glorietta Blvd.56.05,427$6,650,000$1,225.35122 days
716 Tolita Avenue65.04,820$6,500,000$1,348.5592 days
320 1st Street37.05,476$6,500,000$1,187173 days
913 1st Street45.03,750$5,995,000$1,598.6729 days
1780 Avenida Del Mundo Unit #40734.03,250$5,995,000$1,844.6248 days
618 A Avenue56.07,025$5,950,000$846.98126 days
311 1st Street33.02,591$5,900,000$2,277.1167 days
1780 Avenida Del Mundo Unit #106/10745.02,969$5,250,000$1,768.27126 days
929 1st Street45.04,613$4,950,000$1,073.05287 days
6 Sixpence46.06,083$4,799,000$788.92337 days
1304 Glorietta Blvd66.05,000$4,795,000$959266 days
1121 Alameda Blvd66.04,737$4,599,000$970.87148 days
734 Glorietta Blvd44.03,830$4,500,000$1,174.9371 days
848 Glorietta Blvd34.04,400$4,388,000$997.2786 days
1040 Coronado Ave.56.04,249$4,318,000$1,016.2435 days
1500 Orange Ave Unit #1733.01,679$4,300,000$2,561.0553 days
707 Guadalupe Ave45.04,299$4,299,000$1,00074 days
Average:3.53.82,950$3,233,863$1,09491 days
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Properties Under Contract
AddressBedsBathsLiving ft2List PriceCost per ft2DOM
860 Country Club Ln47.04,650$4,695,000$1,009.6876 days
16 The Point34.03,950$4,499,999$1,139.24115 days
880 Coronado Avenue55.04,004$3,995,000$997.75271 days
710 Glorietta Blvd.44.03,938$3,699,000$939.3113 days
800 Alameda Blvd43.03,100$3,499,000$1,128.71147 days
740 Coronado Ave45.03,502$3,397,000$970.0278 days
1054 Encino54.02,951$3,250,000$1,101.3248 days
829 Margarita Avenue45.03,051$3,250,000$1,065.2263 days
841 I Ave55.03,200$2,795,000$873.4453 days
911 Guadalupe Avenue43.01,941$2,595,000$1,336.9436 days
914 B Avenue55.03,200$2,595,000$810.94327 days
912 B Avenue55.03,200$2,595,000$810.94349 days
1110 Pine St43.01,681$2,500,000$1,487.2150 days
1034 Encino Row43.02,542$2,395,000$942.17107 days
624 10th St55.03,112$2,250,000$723.0129 days
26 Sandpiper Strand33.02,287$2,199,500$961.7492 days
24 Spinnaker Way44.02,950$1,975,000$669.49139 days
928 10th St43.02,046$1,895,000$926.2074 days
1601 Miguel Avenue31.0912$1,799,900$1,973.57257 days
1099 1st St. Unit #31323.01,758$1,795,000$1,021.0535 days
1414 5th St33.01,967$1,699,000$863.755 days
371 E Ave43.02,200$1,698,000$771.82112 days
538 Pomona Avenue33.02,125$1,659,900$781.1395 days
1810 Avenida Del Mundo Unit #70922.01,099$1,630,000$1,483.1718 days
373 C Ave33.02,012$1,599,999$795.23186 days
Average:3.23.12,235$2,060,492$94899 days
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Sold Properties
AddressBedsBathsLiving ft2List PriceSold PriceCost per ft2DOMSold Date
927 1st St55.03,570$6,300,000$5,843,000$1,636.69137 days5/18/18
855 Alameda Blvd56.04,253$3,350,000$2,950,000$693.63375 days5/24/18
827 A Avenue54.03,458$2,595,000$2,544,000$735.69127 days5/22/18
1770 Avenida Del Mundo Unit #150922.01,669$2,550,000$2,410,000$1,443.98223 days5/7/18
712 E Avenue45.02,410$2,475,000$2,350,000$975.10119 days5/8/18
461 B44.02,251$2,450,000$2,290,000$1,017.3374 days5/17/18
200 Palm Ave33.02,845$2,450,000$2,275,000$799.6570 days5/23/18
27 Sandpiper Strand43.02,942$2,291,000$2,220,000$754.59103 days6/4/18
255 E Ave44.02,320$2,150,000$2,100,000$905.1746 days5/22/18
427 Pomona Ave32.02,000$1,998,000$1,950,000$97556 days5/11/18
441 A Avenue35.02,640$1,999,000$1,835,000$695.08143 days5/25/18
365 I Avenue44.02,380$1,950,000$1,800,000$756.3048 days5/23/18
918 Pomona Ave22.01,829$1,819,000$1,750,000$956.8188 days5/8/18
436 B Avenue44.02,598$1,648,000$1,528,000$588.1432 days5/21/18
748 G Avenue33.01,400$1,525,000$1,500,000$1,071.43128 days5/31/18
1101 1st Street Unit #30123.01,849$1,550,000$1,486,875$804.1548 days5/31/18
272 D Ave53.02,120$1,499,000$1,450,000$683.9635 days5/15/18
846 E Avenue33.01,297$1,425,000$1,415,000$1,090.9881 days5/29/18
82 Port Of Spain43.02,388$1,254,000$1,215,000$508.7965 days5/18/18
9 St Christophers Lane33.02,250$1,269,000$1,185,000$526.67129 days5/25/18
851 C Avenue11.0910$1,095,000$1,095,000$1,203.30142 days5/10/18
106 Antigua Court32.01,729$1,025,000$1,025,000$592.83118 days5/25/18
1750 Avenida Del Mundo Unit #60111.01,120$986,000$925,000$825.8987 days6/4/18
1760 Avenida Del Mundo Unit #70111.0749$974,900$910,000$1,214.95111 days5/7/18
No address22.01,534$889,000$860,000$560.6342 days5/21/18
Average:3.03.02,031$1,817,755$1,727,168$87395 days
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