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Top 3 Reasons to List Your Home with the Bay to Beach Group

Charlotte Rudowicz, Phyl Sarber and Frances MacCartee are ready to work for you.

There are lots of choices when deciding to list your home in Coronado. Here are the top three reasons why you should select Bay to Beach Group to sell your home:

1.  60+ Years of Experience:  Charlotte Rudowicz, Phyl Sarber and Frances MacCartee have over 60 years of selling real estate in Coronado.  Their combined experiences have given them the real estate tools needed to maximize return when selling your Coronado home.  Plus, their huge Coronado network (both on and off-island) will ensure your property gets the “word of mouth” exposure to close the deal.

2.  Passionate & Ethical: This is hard to measure, but becomes a strong reality the minute you start working with Bay to Beach Group.  Charlotte, Phyl and Frances care deeply about serving their clients and maintaining the highest level of ethics during every part of the process.  Coronado is a small town and you don’t earn repeat business by being sloppy or taking shortcuts.  They won’t ever stop giving our clients 100% and surpassing their expectations.

I have had three transactions with the Bay to Beach Team (so far)!  Let me say this…there is no one I trust, respect, or believe in more than this group of ladies.  This team is the best, and I say that as someone who knows.  – Frank Thornton Jr., USN Ret. Navy SEAL, Coronado Resident

3.  An Unparalleled Competitive Advantage:  Bay to Beach Group is the exclusive real estate advertiser for The Coronado Times.  This means, that they are the only real estate group that can market your property to a readership of 50,000 monthly visitors, 10,000 email subscribers and a total social media reach of over 44,000.  All readers are actively seeking out The Coronado Times by choosing to read their publication and email newsletters – put your home in front of this incredible Coronado audience.

Additional notes about their exclusive partnership with The Coronado Times:

  • Only Bay to Beach can feature your property on CoronadoTimes.com
  • Only Bay to Beach can advertise your home to their 10,000 email subscribers
  • Only Bay to Beach can publish a “detailed listing” on CoronadoTimes.com

Reach of The Coronado Times – Gigantic Local & Global Readership:

  • 50,000 monthly readership from readers all over the world (see map below)
  • 10,000 email subscribers to both Tues and Thursday newsletter
  • 44,000 combined social reach (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
  • 1 Real Estate partner:  huge value for both Realtor and their clients

To learn more about buying or selling your property with Bay to Beach Group, contact us today!

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Charlotte Rudowicz, Phyl Sarber and Frances MacCartee are ready to work for you. Benefit from our 60+ years of real estate experience. Learn more at www.baytobeachgroup.com

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