Local Students Create PSA Video for P3 Tips App

The Coronado Unified School District shared this Public Service Announcement video, created by local students and teacher Amy Steward, with CUSD staff and parents, along with the following message from Superintendent Karl Mueller:

In partnership with the Coronado Police Department, and in response to feedback from our Community Safety Forum, we have entered into a collaboration with ‘StudentsSpeakingOut.org‘ and are encouraging our community (staff, parents, and students) to install the ‘P3’ App on their mobile device. The P3 App is free and sends anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers which are forwarded on to the Coronado Police Department.

Our talented video students, under the guidance and direction of Mrs. Amy Steward, have created a public service announcement to promote the P3 App. Please watch this video with your son/daughter and, if interested, install the App.

Together we will continue to make the physical and emotional safety of our students a priority – through deliberate and comprehensive actions, revisions to existing practices and protocols, and in partnership with our police department, staff, parents, and students.

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