Packages Stolen Mid-Day Caught on Camera

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Submitted by Heidi Dickerson

On Friday, April 6, while celebrating my 50th birthday in Coronado with three days of events planned for 15 friends from around the country, our group left for the day to take the coastal wine train tour. While we were gone, our Ring doorbell recorded a pregnant woman stealing birthday gifts and packages that had arrived for me that day. She pulled her car up to the driveway on 501 First Street and took the packages from the doorstep. How bold is this person? We filed a police report when we arrived back home that night.




I’d like to get these pictures out, and the word out to everyone on the island to be vigilant. We are now trying to track down from UPS the source of the packages as I only know where one was from (it was a birthday gift from a guest that was present and the gift was to arrive that day). But others who sent me things, I have no idea and feel awful that I cannot thank them for the gesture nor enjoy the things they had sent. It’s such a shame.

Dr. Heidi Dickerson

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