“Blockers” – Cringe Worthy Laughs

Blockers, as in “c*%k blockers.” That’s what three parents decide to do when they find out their teenage daughters are in on #SexPact2018 for prom night. When you see the trailer for this type of comedy you know it’s going to be unrealistic and silly, but you imagine you’ll probably get some good laughs out of it. And you definitely will. Sometimes cringe-worthy laughs in this case.

The audience is introduced to two dads and a mom on the first day of kindergarten when their three daughters nervously meet, giggle, and begin a special friendship. Fast forward through the years, with a brief video montage giving the audience of glimpse of the girls growing up together; and it’s now the day of the prom. It’s lunchtime at school and the girls are excitedly discussing the night. Julie has been with her boyfriend Austin for six months and believes that prom night is the perfect night to lose her virginity. Kayla points across the cafeteria at her lab partner Connor and declares that she’s in as well. Sam, not so sure about the plan, glances across the cafeteria at someone who’s captured her interest; it’s not her prom date.

When the parents figure out the plans (text messages show up on Julie’s Mac at home while she’s texting on her iPhone in the limo) by interpreting the ‘emoji secret meanings,’ they decide to c*%k block those plans. As you watch the three adults frantically attempt to track down the girls, first at the dance, then at various after-parties, you wish they’d just go home. But they persist. With hilarious, and far fetched results. There’s nudity. And drinking. And drugs. And sex (Austin’s parents relive prom night each year). And it is laugh out loud funny. I found myself covering my eyes on occasion as well (some things we just don’t need to see).

Single mom Lisa (Leslie Mann) has a best friend relationship with her daughter Julie and doesn’t want history to repeat itself (Julie’s smarter than that). Overprotective dad Mitchell (John Cena) thinks his daughter Kayla can’t take care of herself (Kayla’s perfectly capable thanks to both her dad and mom). I loved Kayla’s mom Marcie (Sarayu Blue), the most (only?) sane person in the movie. Laid back dad Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) has been basically absent for most of his daughter Sam’s life, but shows up, with the limo, because he wants her prom to be the best night ever! (Sam uses the night to confirm what she, and her dad, already know).

Of course the movie wraps up with touching moments between the parents and their young-adult children. There is acceptance and letting go. And growing up and moving on.

If you know this isn’t your type of movie, don’t bother. But if it’s something you think might be funny, it is. Very funny. Go with some friends and laugh. A lot. I attended with three other women, ages early 20s to late 40s. As we left the theatre, everyone was still laughing, eye rolling, and saying, “That was hysterical!” “Oh my gosh, it hurt my face I was was laughing so hard.”

Movie times: click here

Genre: Comedy

Director: Kay Cannon

Actors:  Leslie Mann, John Cena, Ramona Young

Running Time: 1 hr 42 min

Rating: R for crude and sexual content, and language throughout, drug content, teen partying, and some graphic nudity

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