2017 Crown Cup Tennis Tournament Results

The 4.0-4.5 championship match featured Curt Worley / Pablo Zaragoza vs. David Brummitt / Bobby Kennedy.  Worley / Zaragoza won 7-5, 7-6 (9-7).

The Coronado Tennis Association (CTA) put on their annual Crown Cup at the City of Coronado Tennis Center over the weekend.  Not only is this a great tournament for CTA members and guests to enjoy doubles play, but money raised is used to provide “thank you” dinners to the Coronado Police and Fire Departments.

CTA president, Jenni Portelli, remarked, “The Coronado Tennis Association is very proud to partner with Village Pizzeria (Blue Bridge Hospitality) in donating dinners to our Coronado Police and Fire Depts.  Dinners will be delivered next week to our wonderful first responders.”


Congratulations to all of those that participated and especially the champions and finalists:

4.0-4.5 Champs: Pablo Zaragoza and Curt Worley. Jennie Portelli (CTA President) on right.
4.0-4.5 Finalists: Bobby Kennedy and David Brummitt. Jennie Portelli in center.
4.0-4.5 Champs: Orit Ostrowiak and Jada Cade.
4.0-4.5 Finalists: Jackie Smallwood and Brenda Iwamura.
3.0-3.5 Winners: Dave Matthews and Jim Nelson
3.0-3.5 Finalists: Alex Phillips and Bob Brownell.
3.0-3.5 Champs: Jill Lehr and Kathy Justice.
3.0-3.5 Finalists: Kari Ursitti and Amanda Kilfoil.
4.0-4.5 Consolation Champs: Fred Mougayar and Dale Smallwood.
4.0-4.5 Consolation Winners: Alison Lancaster and Debbie McBride.
3.0-3.5 Consolation Champs: Maggie Holland and Christy Ward.

To learn more about the Coronado Tennis Association, visit their website.


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