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Coronado 2017 Summer Enrichment Teacher Spotlight

CSF Summer Enrichment
Photo courtesy of Coronado Schools Foundation

Registration is now open for the 2017 Summer Enrichment Program. Both one-week and three-week classes are available for students in grades K-12. Classes are offered during morning and afternoon hours beginning July 10 through July 28.

Each course is taught by Coronado Unified credentialed teachers or local professionals who have a passion for innovative learning and interactive teaching.

We spoke with four of Coronado’s finest instructors about their involvement in the summer enrichment program.

Kevin Paiz-Ramirez
Photo courtesy of Kevin Paiz-Ramirez

Kevin Paiz-Ramirez

Is your child ready to solve mysteries and develop a passion for details? If so, Kevin Paiz-Ramirez’s class is for him or her. Paiz-Ramirez, a 6th and 7th grade science teacher and the ASB Advisor at Coronado Middle School, will be teaching Forensics for 5th-8th graders during this year’s CSF Summer Enrichment.

“Kids will learn basics in forensics sciences such as fingerprinting analysis, microscopes, DNA extraction and DNA structure, chemical reactions clues and ultimately how to solve a mystery that takes place during this year’s Summer Enrichment,” says Paiz-Ramirez.

With a background in genetics, as well as bioinformatics, Paiz-Ramirez has given a TEDTalk on how every single student should start their day with an argument on the ever changing world of science.

“I believe every student should nurture a passion that drives them to ask questions about the world around them,” he energetically conveys. “I wish for my students to take away the scientific skills to help solve real crimes that may occur in their own households this summer! Additionally I want them to develop a passion for details and how to use science to help them with their claims, evidence, and reasoning.”

This is Paiz-Ramirez’s second year teaching at CSF Summer Enrichment. Last year, he developed the forensics curriculum, as well as the Crime Solving Chemistry curriculum.

“The best teachers are lifelong learners! If we utilize our natural curiosity to learn about the scientific world around us there is no limit to what we can achieve,” he concludes.

Julia Braga
Photo courtesy of Julia Braga

Julia Braga

As temperatures rise outside this summer, Julia Braga is challenging students to step into the kitchen for her classes and advance their culinary skills. The enrichment programs Kids in the Kitchen and Cut Throat Kitchen are tailored to students who are in 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, and 6th-8th grades.

“Cooking is something I love to do, so I hope to inspire some children to make meals and snacks for their families,” says Braga. “I also want students to walk away with a better understanding of the influences we receive daily and how to make good food decisions.”

Students will learn about:

  • Nutrition: essential concepts, analyzing influences, and decision making
  • Practicing health enhancing behaviors by learning basics of cooking and baking including measurement, herbs, nutritious snacks, and meals
  • Being able to make a healthy meal for their families and understand how food choices impact their bodies by the end of the week

Braga, a Coronado native who attended area schools and graduated from Coronado High School in 2000 and UCLA in 2004, has three children (ages 9, 6, & 5), speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and very limited French, and is a Girl Scout leader for both of her daughters’ troops and the Soccer Manager for her daughter’s Coronado Select Soccer Team. In her downtime, Braga loves reading, hot yoga, and laughing with her family and friends.

Tam Hoang
Photo credit: Andy Boyd from the San Diego Reader

Tam Hoang

Is your student about to embark on crafting his or her first college application? Coronado Unified School District knows the application process can be daunting, heck, even trying to determine what college or university might be the perfect fit can be overwhelming. Well, have no fear, Tam Hoang is here to help!

Hoang will be co-teaching a class for students entering senior year with CHS counselor Kristine Johnston. They will be helping students begin and refine their college application process in the following ways:

  • Starting their Common Application profile
  • Exploring possible schools and identifying best fits for programs and financial packages
  • Starting and refining college personal statements

“For many families college applications can be a source of great stress and anxiety,” says Hoang. “But with an early start and focused tackling of tasks, students and their parents can relieve themselves of that future stress that tends to hit many seniors as they enter the school year. What we’re hoping to do is to jump-start the application process early so that students can focus more on keeping up their grades during their senior year, rather than juggle school, applications, and extracurriculars.”

Hoang is an English teacher at Coronado High School with ten years of teaching experience. He’s also a writer for the San Diego Reader. You can see his articles here:

Bonnie McCann
Photo courtesy of Bonnie McCann

Bonnie McCann

Bonnie McCann is the Coronado Middle School 6th Grade Health and Physical Education Teacher. When she isn’t swimming, riding bikes, or walking her dogs, she can be found instructing every 6th grader in the school.

“I try to teach summer school every summer,” says McCann. “Summer school rocks!”

As for what classes she will be teaching, McCann will have her ball in a few different courts. “I am teaching the Sports Sampler for 6th-8th graders and Raving Robotics for 1st-3rd graders the first session/week and teaching the Sports Sampler for 4th-6th graders and 6th-8th graders the second session/week,” says McCann. “The 3rd session/week I am teaching Raving Robotics, again, to 1st-3rd graders and Navigating Middle School for 4th-6th graders.”

According to McCann, The Sports Sampler class will introduce several fun and diverse multi-sport programs daily. Children will be introduced to a different sport, learn new skills, and then separate into teams to play games. Sports include Softball, Field/Floor Hockey, Spike Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, and great flag games to keep them involved in a world of movement, variety, and fun. This is a kid-friendly athletics class with a focus on sportsmanship and team-building.

Raving Robotics will focus on building and designing Robots and creating really cool stuff!  And the Navigating Middle School course will help prepare your future middle schooler so they get off to a great start.

As for what she hopes to take away from this summer’s program, “I am looking forward to getting to know new students and to show them how to play really fun, active games; make really cool robots; and get ready for middle school.”

Payment is due at registration, but take advantage of a 10% discount when you enroll more than one child in the summer program. Need-based scholarships are available. For more information call 619-437-8059, extension 3 or 4 or email [email protected].

CSF summer enrichment 2017


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