Cops and Robbers: Are Your Belongings in Your Car Safe?

Thanks to the City of Coronado Police Department for providing The Coronado Times with the below information (partial list):


4/6/17: Burglary of the Second Degree near 200 block of Glorietta Boulevard
Suspect broke into secured rental vehicle while parked. A duffel bag containing clothing and other items was stolen. The estimated value of the stolen items is $2,475. There were no witnesses.

4/5/17-4/6/17: Petty Theft near 600 block of I Avenue
Unknown subject(s) entered victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole several items including 10 narcotic medication pills. The following day, victim returned to her vehicle and noticed it had been ransacked.

4/5/17: Grand Theft Property near 800 block of Orange Avenue
Victim reported his unsecured bicycles and bicycle locks were stolen from outside the Coronado Fitness Club. The bicycles and locks taken are valued at approximately $2,250.

4/3/17: Grand Theft Property near 900 block of Orange Avenue
Suspect entered Sunglass Hut and stole multiple pairs of sunglasses while the clerk was distracted. Suspect left southbound on Orange Avenue from the store location.

4/2/17: Battery On a Spouse or Cohabitant
Witness reported observing an argument while she was taking pictures outside the building.

4/2/17: Malicious Mischief/Vandalism near 2000 block of Mullinix Drive
Unknown suspect(s) used blue and black markers to write graffiti on the storm drain and men’s restroom sign in the Tidelands Park men’s public restroom located closest to the main parking lot.

3/31/17-4/1/17: Grand Theft Property near 100 block of E Avenue
Unknown suspect entered victim’s unlocked truck and stole a backpack containing his work laptop.

3/31/17: Grand Theft Property near 1000 block of Encino Row
Unknown suspect entered the victim’s backyard and took the victim’s watch, valued at $10,000.

3/30/17-3/31/17: Grand Theft Property near 1400 Leyte Road
Victim reported several acquaintances stole a television, jewelry, and other items while they stayed in her apartment during a three week period.

3/28/17: Vandalism near 800 block of C Avenue
Witness noticed graffiti carved in a city sidewalk and contacted public works and Coronado Police.


4/6/17: Grand Theft Property – Felony near 1300 block of 10th Street
25 year old male

4/6/17: Stolen Property – Felony near 900 block of F Avenue
34 year old male

4/5/17: Disorderly Conduct due to Alcohol – Misdemeanor near 1000 block of Orange Avenue
31 year old male

4/3/17: Bench Warrant of Arrest – Misdemeanor near 1000 Park Place
44 year old male

4/3/17: Disorderly Conduct due to Alcohol – Misdemeanor near 2000 block of 2nd Street
23 year old male

4/2/17: Driving on a Suspended License due to Refusal of Chemical Testing near 300 block of Glorietta Place
25 year old female

4/1/17: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol – Misdemeanor near 600 block of Pomona Avenue
31 year old female


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