Saturday, September 30, 2023

A Home With Lots of History is Ready for a New Family


Mere yards away from our golden beach at 532 Marina sits one of the three remaining Dutch Colonial Revival homes in Coronado. This unique 3,500 square foot home sits on a 9,200 square foot lot, giving the residents access to 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a stunning outdoor patio and pool.

Every inch of this home portrays architectural design and exquisite attention to detail. All of the downstairs rooms enjoy an airy and bright ambiance opening to the outside. This home will steal your breath away on the first tour.

With the dedication to preservation, this home is prime for a Mills Act Historical designation.


Remarkable Preservation

In 1998, the San Diego Historical Society lovingly transformed this home as their showcase home. A renowned team of designers came in to build in visual pizzazz in every room while working within the original structure. Their unique approach focused on contemporizing the home while preserving the original features and maintaining the initial era charm.

Décor & Style called their work a marvelous accomplishment to “enliven history.”

Matching the style of the era, this seaside cottage featured small rooms throughout the home. Each and every room saw creative solutions to harmoniously blend historic preservation with the updated remodel. From the eclectic office retreat to the vintage kitchen to English country ambiance, walking into each space visually brought to life the eloquent elements of the 1920s and 30s.

The team of designers infused each room with an enchanting and whimsical magic. Additionally, they took impressive strides to design the rooms so they would be functional for families. From envisioning children anxiously running into the playhouse or parents retreating to the lovely living room, each space was designed to create a fulfilling lifestyle.

Overall the home showcased an elegant dining room, office retreat, vintage kitchen, sunny morning room, striking solarium, charming sitting room, enchanting terrace, seven delightful bedrooms, and six bathrooms.


Rich History

In addition to the 1988 renovation, this home enjoys a captivating history. Captain S. Reynolds and his wife Jane Keck purchased the 1928 home in the 1930s. Their youngest child Nick Reynolds grew up in this house before setting off to join the Kingston Trio. Nick attributed his skill at learning harmonies from sing-alongs with his family. Captain Reynolds led the musical ensembles having been an accomplished guitarist and singer himself.

The Reynolds family played a strong part in the remarkable preservation. They stayed in the home until Jane Keck Reynolds passed away in the early 1990s. Mark and Emily Haack purchased the home following the Reynolds who were dedicated to continuing the preservation efforts which led to the San Diego Historical Society transformation.


Ready for a New Era

Having been known as the Reynolds home for sixty years, this home is waiting for a new family to captivate for the next several decades. Few homes enjoy the tremendous thought and care on how each room enhances the quality of living. From the sitting rooms to the office to the terrace to the solarium, this home offers numerous retreats designed to relax, charm, or fill you with a whimsical joy.

To envision your family enjoying the terraces or English country ambiance, contact one of our ParkLife team members today.