Saturday, July 13, 2024

CUSD Board Goals Series: New School Board Goals Focus on Personalized Learning


At Coronado Unified School District, we adamantly believe that children should have the right to learn where they can be most comfortable. This concept, while simple at first glance, is actually comprehensive. First, we need to create a learning environment that plays to the varied strengths of individual students. Second, students move through material at different paces. Their education should account for this, allowing them additional time to work through and comprehend the material.

Since the late 1990s, we have been embracing the tools and advancements that allow us to create more personalized learning experiences. In many ways, we are a leader in both digital proficiency and personalized learning.

Through the refinement process of our board goals, we are underscoring our commitment to continuing these efforts with the board goal on learning.

This goal states, “Integrate personalized learning with assessment methods that will prepare all students for academic and vocational success.”

While the application of this goal varies by school and age level, we are working on several key focuses district wide:

  • Help each individual student reach their full potential;
  • Enable students to be the driver of their education;
  • Prepare students for the rigors of this era as well as the varied pathways they can pursue.

Luckily we live in a technological age that gives us a plethora of different tools to help create this type of learning environment. From our adaptive assessments to the Unique Pathway Courseware to the functionalities that Google Drive gives our teachers, we are really shaking up and expanding the definition of education.

Check out our guide into some of the unique resources we use.

Community Driven Goals

One component of our board goals that we are very proud of is the community engagement throughout the process. In Coronado, we are very lucky to have a community invested in our students’ success.

When we hosted our 2015 summit, we collaborated with 60-70 community stakeholders to define key elements of what education in Coronado looks like. Through that process, and even today, the idea that continually rises to the top is the importance of recognizing that our students are unique individuals. While it’s still important to have educational standards, the Coronado community and our educational community want to emphasize measures that promote personalized learning.

Through investing our efforts to enable students to become the drivers of their education, teaching them where they are and growing them into their full potential, we are positioning our future generations for success.

That’s why our focus on personalized learning in our revised board goals is so essential for the future of the Coronado Unified School District and our students.

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