Sunday, October 1, 2023

ParkLife Team Member Spotlight: Kari Lyons

Every day we are continually blown away by the caliber of people on our team. We are fortunate to be surrounded by the best realtors and team members in Coronado.

Not only do each of our team members bring their A game to work, they are also each active in the community. We are all committed to keeping Coronado the charming and safe community we all love.

To honor their dedication, drive, and passion, we want to share the spotlight on the people who make ParkLife the incredible brand you know and love.

This month’s spotlight team member is no stranger to the community. As a local teacher for over a decade, Kari Lyons has personally impacted so many of the families on the island.

We admire her zeal for her work, dedication to her clients, and vision in design. She has a unique gift in seeing the possibilities in spaces, bridging the gap between the blank canvas and the space you love to call home.

Kari Lyons

work photo

Tell Us About Yourself

I have lived in Coronado for over 25 years. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed raising our children on the island. Now I have the opportunity to create similar memories with my two grandchildren.

Before I was a realtor, I taught middle school for 12 years in Coronado. I recently wrapped up four years on the Coronado School Board Foundation.

Your Specialty

While I work in all areas of real estate, my true specialty is helping clients find buildable lots. I help them see the potential in a lot, finding ones that will help bring their vision of a home to life.

My ability to help people envision the potential of a space extends beyond the empty lot.

My design skills help clients bridge the gap between seeing an empty property and visualizing their family living there. I have even been brought in on occasion to fully decorate a home for a buyer. While I don’t do that as often anymore, I do help homeowners stage their homes to sell faster.

Additionally, my husband is a prominent builder having constructed over 200 new homes. With my design skills, we were able to work together to select the finishing touches for his new homes. That final touch can really help soften a house into a home.

A Fun Way to Spend Free Time

If I have a free afternoon, I love to head out hiking or catch up on yoga. Other times you will find me spending time with friends and family. I focus on having a balanced life, so I am always intentional about making sure I have time for all the areas of my life (family, friends, work, and health).

Why ParkLife

I love the entire team here at ParkLife! My decision to join the ParkLife brand stemmed from admiration of the type of company Scott and Renee set out to build. Their efforts have paid off. The entire atmosphere here is that of a supportive friendly family. Ultimately, it’s a great team to work with.