How to Close the Deal in a Competitive Market

The incredible charm of our island lifestyle paired with limited land creates an extremely competitive real estate market. Bottom line, there aren’t enough houses for everyone who wants to enjoy our slice of paradise.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxury of homeownership in Coronado. In fact, we want to help you to achieve that goal.

So how do you enter into a competitive market and surface as a successful new homeowner? It takes an aggressive buyer strategy.

Don’t let that discourage you. As Coronado locals, we can guarantee that this investment will be the best one for your family. Between the top-notch school system, the enchanting community, gorgeous beaches and the small town feel, living in Coronado can only be described as paradise.

Here’s how you can give yourself an edge in Coronado’s housing market:

Have a Competitive Game Plan

Serious buyers have worked with their Realtor® to build out a home buying strategy. This includes:

  • Classifying factors that affect home prices;
  • Knowing current housing prices;
  • Identifying your home criteria;
  • Understanding which factors are most important in your home choice;
  • Knowing how much house you can afford.

Your agent needs to understand your family’s personal story, know your needs and be able to match you to potential homes as they come on the market. An agent really connected in the community can even match you to homes before they hit the MLS.

When your Realtor® understands your unique position and desires, they are more effective in matching you with a home.

Act Fast

With houses attracting offers within days of being listed, you need to position yourself to submit an offer as early as possible.

The more research you do with your agent at the beginning, along with understanding your options in Coronado, the faster you will be able to act as a property hits the market. In-depth knowledge of the market, combined with the guidance of your experienced agent, will make you confident with your decision to put an offer on a home.

Be the Most Attractive Buyer

The faster you can close, the more attractive you are to the seller. Let’s step into the seller’s shoes. Their goal is to sell the home as quickly and smoothly as possible at the best price. How are you positioning your offer to help them achieve this?

First, unless you are offering cash, you need to be pre-qualified before the listing goes live. Many mortgage brokers can not only pre-qualify you, they can get you to almost fully qualified. And once you find the property, they do the appraisal and finalize the loan.

Additionally, working with a reputable local lender matters. Coronado is a small island. Agents here have worked with all the lenders in Coronado. When the seller’s agent sees that your loan has been processed locally, they instantly know the quality associated with that lender.

This isn’t to say that another lender won’t write your loan perfectly. Odds are they will. The only difference is that the seller’s agent will be familiar with a local lender’s work, which reassures them everything will go smoothly through escrow.

When you have a quality team backing you ready to execute the deal seamlessly, the decision to accept your offer becomes easier.

Tell Your Story

Most sellers care about who purchases their house. They cherished their time in that home. From raising their children to weathering the hard times to celebrating life’s joys, their home marks a unique moment in their story.

Give them the opportunity to see how their beloved home will shape your family’s lives.

This won’t impact every buyer. But telling the buyer’s story has swayed countless sellers in Coronado. We’ve seen sellers choose a less competitive offer in order to provide a similar family the opportunity to enjoy their home in favor of a developer.

At ParkLife, we include a cover letter describing the buyer’s story with every offer.

Choose an Experienced Realtor

Give yourself the best edge by selecting a seasoned Realtor® who understands the nuances of the Coronado market. Our team at ParkLife consists of only dedicated realtors who know the island inside and out. They will help position you competitively on your path to homeownership.

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