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Not That Coronado Boathouse! The Other Coronado Boathouse.

If you’re familiar with Coronado and I say let’s go to “the boathouse”, you probably think we are going to get a steak, but the boathouse I’m referring to in this blog is the Coronado Clubroom and Boathouse located at 1985 Strand Way, on the southern tip of Glorietta Bay Park.

Recently, I picked my 6-year old up after school and headed over to try out the experience. The facilities are really top-notch and were completed very recently by the City of Coronado. Emily and Elizabeth were on duty the day we arrived and they made sure that we felt prepared and safe for our kayaking experience.


The boathouse offers many other aquatic activities besides kayaking (see above link) and there are also storage spaces available for your large paddling toys whether they be SUP’s, kayaks or speedy rowing boats. In fact, we were lucky enough to see the Admiral of the Navy Seals grab a rowing boat and head out on the water for a quick workout. There is also a warm shower and bathroom facilities on premises. The lifeguard tower is manned in the summer months.

The Coronado Clubroom can be rented out in advance by contacting Kelsey Berg at the Recreation Services building. The awesome location, full kitchen, various games and huge windows would make for a very nice birthday party or really any event.

I wasn’t bold enough to take my camera out on the water although I definitely will next time. The views of Coronado really expand when you are out on the water and its great to be able to beach your kayak on the shore by the golf course or take it into the marina or head out under the bridge.

All of the activities have varying rates that can be found in the Winter/Spring 2014 Catalogue. We opted or the Paddlers Punch Pass which is 10 hours of kayaking for $100. When you consider that 2 can kayak for an hour for $10 in such a great location, it’s an amazing deal.

Coronado Clubroom and Boathouse

If you haven’t gotten out to the Coronado Club Room and Boathouse, you really should; it’s kind of a no-brainer. Great facility and equipment, unbeatable location, great service. I consider the facility a true asset to the community.

This is Jamie Tuckey, Coronado Realtor, resident and parent — signing off!


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