Friday, February 23, 2024

Community Voices: Response Regarding the San Diego Republican Party and Prop E

Since the author of this post on the Republican Party of San Diego’s response to Prop E has decided to censor certain responses to his blog that may disagree or call out erroneous facts (yes I submitted this as a comment to his April 25th post and the author has not approved it’s publication), readers will have to refer back to the original post for reference to this response.

To be accurate Mr. Schwartz, the Republican Party of San Diego County (which seems to be suffering a leadership crisis at the moment) did no such “sifting” through any information prior to making a recommendation. No one from Proposition E, CUSD or even the two central committee members of the RPSD who actually reside in Coronado, were asked to submit background or facts regarding this LOCAL ballot measure. There was not even a central committee vote on this matter. The “party” seems to consist of a single chairman, Tony Krvaric, who apparently took it upon himself to make the decision on behalf of party in a vacuum and in a typical knee-jerk manner to any bond measure, without background or the facts. One man does not represent “the party” and you should educate yourself on what “process” actually took place where you believe the information was “shifted through.” It won’t take you long, because there was no process. Prop E is not a Republican or Democrat issue Mr. Schwartz. Read through the hundreds of names of Coronadans supporting Prop E and you will find R’s and D’s in equal measure. It is a Coronado community issue. Perhaps you could put a little more trust in your neighbors who have done their research than the man behind the curtain.

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