Thursday, June 17, 2021

Identity Thief Now Playing at Village Theatre

Seth Gordon’s Identity Thief is now playing at Coronado Village Theatre. It is a comedy about a lone criminal who makes a living stealing identities off of chumps who are all too trusting. However, her line of work is put to a halt when her most recent victim comes searching for her to fix his crumbling life. Initially, I was worried that the previews had exposed all the comedic moments of the film; however, I was wonderfully surprised to see that the movie as a whole was hilarious and engaging. Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman are a dynamic duo in the film, creating humor in all the bizarre obstacles they face.

“The movie was so funny. I love Melissa McCarthy and it was great to see other actors from Bridesmaids make appearances in the film,” said Sarah, a fellow movie-goer. While some moments of the film are predictable, the ending is something that few expected. The movie is appropriately rated R with lots of sexual content, and humorous as it may be, it certainly isn’t recommended for younger audiences. Identity Thief is a light-hearted comedy full of odd, hilarious moments. Be sure to check it out!

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Rating: R

Length: 1 hr 47min

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Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman, Jon Favreau, Amanda Peet

Greer Goebels

Online Editor, Intern

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