Wednesday, January 19, 2022

So, Why is it Called Orange Avenue?

An old photograph of Orange Ave. (1800-1889) When we drive through Coronado, one of the first streets we drive down is Orange Avenue. It is probably the most popular street because it runs through the center of town and leads to our crown jewel-The Hotel Del Coronado.

Ever wonder why it was named “Orange Avenue”? Originally, Orange Avenue was lined with orange trees planted there when Elisha Babcock and Hampton Story- bought the island. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find an orange anywhere. This is because in April 1887 locals planted four foot palm trees between each orange tree. Then two years later in 1889, Orange Avenue was graded and the orange and palm trees had to be removed. When the trees were replaced cypress, pine, and palm trees were planted.

They decided against orange trees because the jackrabbits gnawed them down faster than they could grow.

To learn more about the history of Orange Avenue, visit the Coronado Historical Association website, here.