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Coronado Police Blotter: May 25- July 12, 2009

Thanks to the City of Coronado Police Department for providing with the below information (partial list):

Summaries: -5 Traffic Collisions – 7 Bicycle Thefts – 1 Vehicle Report Arrests: •July 6- Theft from Dependent Adult of $400 value or more. Burglary/ Second Degree (felony). Forgery (felony). Grand Theft Property (felony). The suspect was an 18 White male. (900 block of G St.) •July 6- Violation Parole (felony). Disorderly Conduct: Drugs or Drugs with Alcohol. The suspect was a 32 Hispanic male. (7300 block of Silver Strand Blvd.) •July 6- Drunk, Protective Custody. The suspect was a 24 White male. (Orange Ave. & 8th St.) •July11- Drunk, Protective Custody. The suspect was a 19 White male. (800 block of C Ave.) •July 12- Outside Warrant (misdemeanor). The suspect was a 22 White male. (1100 block of Orange Ave.) •July 12- DUI Alcohol and/or Drugs. DUI Alcohol 0.08%. The suspect was a 23 White male. (Est. & I-5 NB) Crime: •May 25- June 18- Fraudulent Use of Access Card or Account Information of value over $400. Unknown suspect(s) gained access in an unknown manner to victim’s credit card information and charged approximately $1118 at several gas stations. (1100 block of Loma Ave.) •June 18- July 5- Petty Theft/ Unknown. Suspect(s) took 7 DVDs from the Coronado Public Library; they were of $143.37 value. (600 block of Orange Ave.) •July 3- Fraudulent Use of Access Card or Account Information of value over $400. Unknown suspect(s) used victim’s credit card to make several purchase in the state of Texas. (100 block of J Ave.) •July 4- Battery on Person. Suspect punched victim with hand on the victim’s side of face inside B&S Bar area at the Hotel Del Coronado. The victim did not sustain any injuries and did not acquire any medical attention. The victim and suspect(s) were drinking prior to the incident. (1500 block of Orange Ave.) •July 6- Petty Theft. Suspect stole victim’s wallet, various U.S currency, military I.D., and drivers license, of $140 value from the victim’s center console in victim’s unlocked vehicle. •July 6- Petty Theft. Unknown white male adult entered Albertson’s Grocery Store and stole 2 bottles of liquor and 1 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola, approximatelyy $160 value. (100 block of B St.) •July 8- Robbery. Unknown suspects took victim’s wallet containing $40 cash, phone, and 3 credit cards, a value of $243. (500 block of F Ave.) •July 9- July 10- Grand Theft Property. Unknown suspects took victim’s bike locked to bike rack at west side of Hotel Del Coronado, a value of $550. (1500 block of Orange Ave.) •July 9- JULY 10- Grand Theft/ Unspecified. Unknown suspect(s) cut victim’s cable lock and stole victim’s bike a value of $1500, the suspect(s) fled the scene undetected. (700 block of C Ave.) •July 9- July 10- Grand Theft Property. Unknown suspect took victim’s bike from an underground parking lot, the suspect took the lock and bike along with them, and it was a $ 1020 value. (100 block of C Ave.) •July 11- Grand Theft/ Unspecified. Unknown suspect took victim’s bike of $500 value from the bike rack in front of Domani’s Salon. •July 12- Vandalism less than $400. Unknown suspect(s) used a purple paint marker to write graffiti on interior wall at Glorietta Bay Park Men’s Restroom. Elizabeth Dellinger Online Writer Intern

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