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F45 Training Coronado Under New Ownership: Pursuing Excellence and Intentionality

F45 Training Coronado New Owners: Coach Courtney and Andy Owen

F45 Training Coronado has new owners. Coach Courtney and her husband Andy Owen hope to bring a “breath of fresh energy” to the gym, rooted in a passionate love of health and fitness.    

Originally from Texas, Andy shared that he owned a small window cleaning business in Coronado. Courtney, a small business owner as well, had previously been a hairstylist and ran a house cleaning service. The couple spent the first two years of their marriage living in Coronado and working together in ways to serve the community they love.  

Back in 2020, the Owens went for a lot of walks with their dog (who is actually named ‘Nado’) and passing the old auto shop building on C Avenue, Courtney thought that the space would be such a cool place for a gym. To her excitement, an F45 Training gym opened that year. As a pioneering member, Courtney was enamored after the first class, knowing it was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life.  

Since F45 opened in 2020, there were obvious pandemic struggles, but the community was determined to make it work. Through virtual workouts and training outside, the gym treaded through the murky waters of the unknown. When in-person classes began, the idea of pursuing coaching took flight for Courtney and she worked hard and earned her personal training certification.  

Growing up, health and fitness played a significant role in both Andy and Courtney’s lives.  They are true believers in the idea that working out should be for health and feeling good, not simply aesthetics. They described how F45 is all about functionality. What you will face in everyday life is going to be crafted into every class. There is so much variety, and as Andy explained, “You will never do the same workout twice in here.”  

Being a part of F45 means creating a fun environment and genuinely caring for everyone that walks through the doors. The group circuit training is unique compared to other gyms as it creates a sense of accountability and lends a family feel at the foundation of the franchise. Truly, the gym is community driven, aiming for “Excellence and Intentionality,” as expressed by Courtney and Andy. All the small details, from clean bathrooms, to paperwork, phone calls, and most importantly the people, help to build the whole picture that the couple envisions.  

The Owens are so excited to start this new chapter and will be jumping into the gym’s first ever F45 Training 8-week challenge, participating with other gyms around the world.

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Kaylee Smith
Kaylee Smith
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