Friday, December 1, 2023

Coronado Seeks Review of Recent Appellate Court Decision on RHNA

Photo: City of Coronado

The Coronado City Council voted unanimously to direct its Special Legal Counsel to pursue a California Supreme Court decision.

The case involves the appeal of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment by Coronado and three other San Diego Association of Governments member cities.

The cities’ petition asserts that SANDAG failed to provide a fair hearing when it voted on the housing needs allocations because it used a weighted vote instead of a tally vote when making its decision.

SANDAG’s use of a weighted vote on the cities’ appeal is unprecedented in California law. Left unchallenged, it would allow five of 19 jurisdictions to advance a Regional Housing Needs Assessment plan that is both unrealistic and punitive to smaller jurisdictions throughout San Diego County.


Coronado and Three Other Cities Lose RHNA Lawsuit

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City of Coronado
City of Coronado
A small beach community with an island feel. Incorporated in 1890, Coronado has a rich history and exceptional community assets in a village atmosphere.

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